Price friendly 10s bms

Thought I drop in and say that the AliExpress BMS’s arent terrible and there relatively cheap. Just make sure that they balance and have a decent charging current.

I found a 10s bms cheaper on a more reputable website so I figured that was better in all aspects.

Yeah AliExpress can definitely be sketchy so if you found a better site, by all means purchase it off there. Do you happen to have a link to the BMS? $38 bucks before shipping for the 10s

Looks good but 74 $ shipping :confused:

Oh yeah I’m aware of the battery support BMS’s but there quite expensive compared to the $15 free shipping ones on AliExpress.

so when you say that is built in… i can solder a cheap switch from EBay… or i still need to buy a power switch like this ? i ask because i dont understand the e-wtich

thanks! :slight_smile:

U can use a cheap switch but I recvomend the led ones cause they look cool! But I also have the black ones for simplicity and use that one on my own board

You can get them on ebay for a couple of bucks more and free shipping.

Those don’t have eswitches and aren’t exactly as good as the bestech ones when u compare price u will need an eswitch for those

Where did you get the one you sold to Jay? recycled space cell bms?

hey dude thanks fpr the quick answer… how you do it for power the LED on the switch?.. and can you show or link the black one plz?


That’s a spacecell bms bypassed per his request I had bestech ones but he asked for it to be exactly like a spacecell and that’s about as close as u can get

Sure u just solder positive and negative for the black one, depending on the led switch it will vary

Sorry for asking again but… what is the “black one” im noob and dont understand to much (also the english is a little dificukt with this word been more technical)

I’m curious, why do you always have a typo in 1 word per post. It caught my eye and I can’t let it go lol

HAHAHA my phone is crap my friend

Oh that’s just the switch I have I can post photos if u want

Not you @willpark16, I was referring to @WawiKirsinger

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What is a “typo”?