Price friendly 10s bms

looking for someone to either link me to a great price on a 10s BMS or to sell me two of them.

So I have a 10s2p battery, along with a vesc. Would a 10s 45A bms be safe?

These are the best available and they are reasonably priced. 80a continuous discharge, 20a charge, built in E-switch saving you $40-$60 that you would spend on an external E-switch.

I don’t see a price or a way to purchase?

send an email to [email protected] copy this image to pdf file and attach it. Tell here you would like to purchase this bms with these specifications. Note: this bms comes with balance harness and a built in anti-spark E-switch. Note: these specs are for Lipo application. For Li-ion application you can lower the over discharge detection to 2.8v or leave it at 3v

She will email you with an invoice that looks like this: This shipping charge is to USA. Minimum order Qty is 2.


Thanks. I have a 10s 45A bms at the moment, would I be able to use it temporarily until I can get the money together for the new ones? Here’s a link to what I’m running.

You should be ok, Just set your vesc batter max amps to 45a or less if you are discharging through the bms.

Mine burned out (my mistake) recently and I ordered the same one as a replacement. Can’t be beat in terms of size IMO. I also do not discharge through it.

What do you mean by discharging through it? In the link I posted there’s a diagram of my wiring plans. Will you tell me if I’m discharging through the bms and if so how to fix that?

BMS’s are designed to manage and protect the battery during charge and discharge cycles. This is what is meant by charging through or discharging through the BMS. Some people have taken a BMS designed for low current applications and used them in high current applications such as an Eskate. To do this they will bypass the bms during the discharge cycle. Doing this will circumvent any protection from the bms during discharge and is a compromised setup.

Your diagram is not bypassing for discharge

I can recommend this BMS

got three from:

I’m using 2 of them from months and they seem to last / do their job

How should the parameters be set on the BMS @Namasaki mentioned:

… if using LG HG2 in a 10s3p config?

There are several adjustable parameters. If I get an answer from Besttech maybe they’ll have a suggestion as well.

Screenshot from

I used these specs for Li-ion cells.

Interesting… my spec sheet showed 0°C for the temperatures. Not that I’d be riding in the crazy cold :stuck_out_tongue:

The feature I like the most about the Bestech is the e-switch, you could save US$ 45 as you won’t need to buy an antispark switch.

However, what I also hate is that you need to have the switch on in order to charge the board which makes no sense at all.

Ya, I can’t figure why they designed it that way but then I’m not an electronic engineer either. So I just live with it.

Im looking for one as well if you want to split cost on a set.

@Namasaki will this BMS configuration work with 10s4p 18650?

If yes I’m also looking for one of these. I’m in Canada.

Yes it will work with any 10s Lipo or Li-ion configuration.