PRICE REDUCTION Hub Motor Lifepo4 Vesc Remote

These are brandnew never used parts. (enless specified) Package one $450 1 Jacob hub motor 1 Vesc 1 winning remote 1 48 volt 11ah Lifepo4 with bms Package 2 $175 1 Used Jacob hub motor 1 Winning remote 1 Vesc All items are not including shipping please pm if you want to buy and we will talk about shipping. All brand new please comment with any questions PS I’m in Chicago I will drop it off if you live near me.

Would you part out that battery?

I can sell you the whole battery alone. Yes

What type of vesc is it? 4.12? Who is the manufacturer?

Freerchobby. From alibaba.

I am somewhat interested in Package2. I don’t currently own a set of 83mm wheels, though. Is there any chance you have a set of 83mm wheels (and maybe bearings) kicking around you could also sell to me with this setup?

Also, did you experience any slipping of the 'thane around the outside of the hubmotor in use? I saw @onloop made a video where the jacob motors had some slippage issues, but I have also read (don’t recall if it was here or reddit) that a fix had been found (I assume it was 3d printed shims inserted between hubmotor and thane, but I’m just guessing).

What would I be looking at for final price, shipped to 75202 (Dallas, TX)? I’m waiting on Jerry to make a set of v2.5’s for me and it’d be nice to build something up first, just to have a board that runs. I’m fairly certain that I’ll end up using any “spare parts” for a friend’s build once mine is operational. He claims that the idea of an electric board is stupid, but once he can’t keep up with me, I think his tune will change. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

How much for 2 Hubs?

How much for the whole lot, If you’ve sold some just let me know what you have left. Thank you

I got wheels for ya