Problem binding Steez remote

Hey guys, I’m setting up my VESCs and I’m having some trouble binding my steez remote.

After searching though the forums I found the method to bind it, but it hasn’t been working.

I hold the A button down for 3 seconds, the remote turns on, but the only light is a yellow one on the right side of the controller.

After that I press down the C button, and then it starts flashing green on the left side along with the yellow on the right. After that you press the B button 10 times within 10 seconds. Then all the lights turn off.

After that you’re supposed to turn on your board, so I do that, but instead of getting the green flashing lights like you’re supposed to, I get nothing, and the light stay off…

Anyone know whats goin on?

Alright so the yellow light was just because the battery was low… Charged it up, but after pressing the b button 10 times and turning on the board, the lights are still staying off… :frowning:

So it looks like I’m probably gonna have to order a new controller… Any suggestions?