Problem connect to vesc built in nrf


I would like to communicate directly to the vesc built in nrf. I want to send data to the vesc with an arduino+nrf chip. So first I thought to etablish a simple connection like receive the alive packets on an arduino+nrf. But it is not working.

If I keep the default firmware on the vesc and configure the nrf ( speed 1MBPS, channel 76 , etc), what should I do on the arduino ? A simple nrf receiver on arduino with the same configuration is not working .

PLease help!

Thanks! M

This is a post I sent, I am doing this, I do not know if it is similar to yours. This does not use Arduino, you can follow this to make the same.

I seem to have found what you want. You confirm it.

The arduBoardControl uses 2 arduino : one for the remote and another on vesc. I don’t have the same configuration : one arduino+nrf and vesc (built-in nrf). So no arduino to receive on vesc. I don’t think this project will help me a lot.

I looked at the nunchuck code of Vedder but it is not simple to translate it to arduino. So I wanted to configure an arduino+nrf just to receive the alive packets first.

If you have any news or progress, please let me know. I’m studying this thing too

Hi! I did it! Connect to the nrf with an arduino+nrf

I wrote a custom app which turn off the nrf driver. Then it configures the nrf and start listening.

Configuration : no retries, no auto ack, no dynamic payload, no CRC, no feature

Here are the registers SETUP AW 0x3 RX PW P0 0x20 RX_PW_P1 0x20 EN_AA 0 EN_RXADDR 0x3 RF-CH 0x4c RF_SETUP 0x47 CONFIG 0x3 DYNPD 0 FEATURE 0 SETUP_RETRY 0

I receive " hello world" from arduino


Congratulations! Looking forward to your further information!

Hey friend. Is there any new progress?

For Now I can send a data structure to the VESC. I planned to enable auto ack or retries. WHat I don’t understand is : with CRC enabled on VESC , the receiver FIFO is empty. When I disable CRC on VESC I can receive ( even with CRC on transmitter ).

Does the chip compute CRC itself and reject packets if not wrong CRC ?

I haven’t studied the data structure, so I can’t help you. It seems that you have to have a hard time. Looking forward to your new news