Problem to charge lipo batteries

  • i’ve run 3 times with the eboard
  • i use the imax b6 balance charger
  • the battery is fluoreon 5500mah 11.1v 35c

video (only detects 2 cells?)

if i try to put 2.0A i get the error “battery vol err cell connect”.

1- any idea about this? i’ve the battery already damaged?

2- i’ve a second battery (the same one) and takes more than 3 hours to charge, i tried to put 4.0A but the imax restarts, this is normal?


Would get a Voltmeter and check the cell voltage on the plug it’s self. Make sure all 3 are 3.8 ish if they all read fine the there is a connection issue on the charger. If you can get a voltage from them off the plug there could be a break in the wire somewhere.

5.0 A Balanced charge?

Pretty sure the max amps on those are 1.5amps for those chargers in real life

But could be wrong

I’m tempted to say… replace the battery dude. The Zippy 3S 30C batteries I got from HobbyKing have been flawless so far! The 8000mAh version is really good value for money and will give you a great range for riding :slight_smile:

  1. Check the JST Connector of the LiPo using a Multimeter?

  2. Should not take that long. I have a Zippy 5000mAh and I charge at 5.0A and is done around 20-30 minutes. It might be the iMax or the power supply.

BTW always try to “Balance Charge” your LiPos. It takes longer but the cells will always be close to each other and you won’t have another problem to worry about later on. Only use “Charge” if you’re in a hurry.