Problem with 3d printed pulley

Hi. I have problem with pulley from thingiverse for orangatang wheels. I printed 3 pulleys and all is non perfect simetric. When i spin wheel my pulley move side to side. I dont have idea where is problem.

This means you have pushed it in crooked, or the bolts are pulling it too tight on one side.

If it is a bolt on, loosen the bolts and re-tighten them all the same amount.

Ideally in a star pattern. I go all bolts in multiple rotations in a star pattern, until I can see and guage the threads somewhere. Once I can accurately guage thread depth (say, flush with the pulley), I screw them all to exactly the same depth. Then I do one half a turn, then like drawing a star, the next point half a turn, next point half a turn, next half a turn, etc until I feel resistance. I keep going until tight. Once tight, I go twice around in a circle to make sure they are all evenly tight and none of the tightening loosened up others. Once they are all tight evenly you should have a fairly well balanced pulley.

If a few goes at this (may take a couple tries) doesn’t get your pulleys balanced evenly, you can try spinning the wheel with bearings in and tightening the side that protrudes more and very lightly tighten the two bolts on each side of the protruding / issue causing side, rinse and repeat as necessary until balanced.

Again, if even this doesn’t work, I’d suspect maybe your steps/mm calibration in one or more axes on your printer is off. Check with a calibration cube (1x1x1cm or 2x2x2cm), measuring it with calipers to ensure equal length on each side. If your cube is not perfect, Google calibrating your printers steps/mm until you got it pretty much perfect.

Again, if this isn’t the issue, maybe consider a printed pulley with space for an additioan pulley bearing to center it perfectly around the axle and follow the same directions as before.

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