Problem with Alienpowersystems Esc

Hey guys I got a big problem at my latest build, i got 2x2200W 270kv Aps motors with the Aps esc that was a Dual Motor set. My Power supply is an Aps 6s 16000mah 35C Lipo battery. After i wired everythink up it worked very good. But the esc dosent cut off at the minimum voltage so the battery was fully drowned and is now dead. But also i got a maximum Range of 4-5km did someone got an Idea how to improve the range? I could go up to 8s But i dont think that this would increase the Range so hard.

Did you check the voltage of the battery at the start of just percentage?

Increasing the range would mean higher Mah my sir. Its the capacity so it determines how far you can ride :slight_smile:

Yes it was fully Charged at 22.2 Volts and all cells got the right voltage so the battery was okay

Yes but I think 16000mAh were pretty much and i thougt it will give me a Range up to 10km of so

what battery pack were they?

Alienpowersystems 16Ah 35C

How were you charging the battery?

With an Turnigy reaktor 300w 23 A Charger i charged it with 1A and blancing mode

Strange, you did have all 3 plugs in right?

There you have your problem. Its not fully charged at 22,2 volts, but at 25,2 volts. 22,2v is the nominal charge.


Ok than I will try this First

Thats 100% your problem, as at 22.2v you only have about ~25% battery left. However, you said you ran your battery until it was dead, which means that your battery is probably ruined.


Yes it is dead. So you mean 22.2 volts are just 25% of the hole capacity?

Got one last question would it be possible to wire 2 4s 8000mah 30c in Series and 2 in parallel that I have an 8s 16000mah battery? How i have to connect these balancer wires? Also in parallel and Series as the positive and negative wires.