Problem with braking, Need some help

for FOCBOX I’m using -80a for braking cuz I have single motor. regardless, when I brake, it works for up to 80% of throttle but when I go all the way it doesn’t brake as hard. I increased the batt charge rate to 50amp but didn’t do anything.

It feels as if, the vesc is cutting out the power to half to protect something.

If your battery min is set at -50a, and your battery was actually being charged at 50a, you’d be in trouble. The lowest number you should be setting on your battery min is dictated by your battery setup.

Battery max has nothing to do with braking.

Can you screen shot your bldc settings

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Update: I use controller trim to make it brake more, it works little better (i use ebay mini rc remote). but it still does when i pass 35kmh. I use median filter maybe I should turn off?

I can’t connect bldc at the moment. I use lipo 2*5a 10s (I meant two 5s in series) rated for 5c charging. so 5x5x2=50amp so within safe limit. and won’t go that much actually, but I’m ganna change back later. cuz it didn’t do anything

I’m pretty much 80a -80a batt 80a -50a absolute 130 slow absolute checked erpm max 65k default rest

I’m thinking since I use 260kv motor, the vesc is loaded too much and giving up? but there wasn’t any reboot in vesc. my gear ratio was 12:36 and wasn’t much of a concern since it stoped well regardless the issue, now using 15:36 makes the problem apparent. Maybe I should step down to 200kv motor?

Are you saying you have 2 10s 5ah batteries connected in parallel?

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No in series. I meant 5s*2 I used this setting to test the brake with half ful battery. it didn’t hurt anything.

Maybe I should increase absolute to135 to see if this change anything

Do you have any of the nano remote variants? If so is the rear switch in the down position? Down is -100 to +100 ppm throw, while up is -80~ to +80~

No I have mini remote, one that looks like a rc remote, but I am ganna re do the ppm too

Gotcha - just figured I’d ask

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If you have two 5s 5ah batteries connected in series, its 10s 5ah So 5C charge is 25a, Not 50a. It’s 5c x 5ah
Not 5C x 5ah x 2

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oh okay. I did mistake there. thanks

So here is my set up, (I know my batt cut off is low, but leave me alone with that.) I changed couple things like brake limit as of now, Will test it tmr. goodnight

You know you can edit your posts, right? You seem to be deleting them pretty frequently.

Yeap srry. Just lazy XD

update: changed setting didn’t do much help, other than increase absolute max. I chaged to FOC mode to see if it differs from BLDC

Update: FOC has wayyy better braking power. not dead stopping but smooth and quick. no loosing power like BLDC. I think the motor was giving up as I brake very hard than vesc protection kicks in. which did not have in previous vesc I had. now FOC feels buttery smooth that kinda lacks kicks of torque. but I like it