Problem with custom mount

In my plan to build my first electric skateboard as part of university project, I designed a motor mount based on the one from torqueboards. It’s not exactly the same measurements in terms of shape but it is very similar. The clamp is exactly the same thickness and the same hole pattern, and the plate is the same thickness and similar cut outs for tensioning.

The problem arrives when I 3d printed a mock up to be able to try the fit on my clone caliber truck. If I mount it correctly, the mounting bracket touches the wheel pulley (15mm width, as I plan to go monodrive) and if I mount it the other way, pulleys don’t align becuase of the bracket thickness.

Any ideas why this is happening or what could I do?

This is a picture of the “wrong” mounting position:

If needed, tomorrow I will upload a version mounted the “correct” way, but the problem is the mount and pulley are touching and the wheel pulley cannot rotate freely.

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I’m having a hard time picturing out the mounting bracket is touching the wheel pulley when you mount it correctly. With the clamp being on the opposite side on your picture, it seems like it’d fit perfectly. Also might want to consider flipping the motor pulley as well to reduce lateral pressure on the motor shaft.

Put the clamp on the other side. Make the hole in the motor mount large enough to accommodate the hub on the motor pulley. That’s how I designed mine anyway

the pulley is just a mock up while I wait for the aluminium one to arrive on the mail. But thanks for the advice. I’ll post a picture of the “good” way in some minutes for you to see.

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I have my mount flipped around. It didnt fit at first, then i shaved away part of the truck so it would fit

Are you using 9" or 10" calibers? My own design did the same thing until I realized it was because I was not using full length calibers. The 9" ones are wayyy too short for 90% of motor mount styles.

I will do that when I have the correct pulley, but not with this mockup,but yeah, nice idea, thanks.

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That part where hanger starts to curve gave me some hard times but it was super easy fix. Like @TheSteelBaron said just file that part of hanger or like i did. I filed my clamp part and haven’t had any issues in months atm.

according to @atenner, who sold them to me, they are 10 inch, but haven’t measured them.

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So I guess I’ll have to do that, yeah. I really wanted to do it without filing anything but… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yea, you’d either have to file the curved part of the hangar or go with a thinner wheel pulley. In my experience 12mm has been perfectly fine.

Metal files can work wonders :wink:

I don’t think those 3mm will make a huge different without the filling, but I’ll consider it, yeah hehe.

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Yep same here.

ANd doesn’t the truck get weaker by filling?

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I use the same 10" calibers with TB’s v4 mount on 12mm pulleys and it works perfectly :slight_smile:

Didn’t have to file the hangar.

I believe they are 10 inch, I remembering measuring to confirm, I think ? :thinking: Had to files that same but down to fit Shogu12’s mount with 15mm’s. Only a couple of mm :+1:t2:

Is that a 3d printed pulley? or aluminium? The design I chose was

Any tips on making the mount better? I see you have a grub screw in the bracket onto the truck

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