Problem with space cell..any solutions?

Hi guys,

So I’ve had my space cell for a good couple months now and just today, it decided to quit working. I ran over a small pothole and next thing I know, the battery was off and I couldn’t get it turned on or charging. I have the later version of space cell so it is equipped with the new toggle switch. I’ve tried replacing the in-line fuse with replacements but that didn’t work. So now, I can’t power on the battery and when I try to charge the battery, the LCD display just shows 100% with the intelligent charger light is green. But I know for a fact that my battery was not fully charge when this happened. In fact, it was at about 32%.

It sounds to me like it could be the toggle switch, or the BMS. I could open up the space cell to test it but I want to see if anyone know or had similar problem with solutions before doing so.

Nevermind, I found the problem! It was a connectivity issue where two of the metal tabs connecting the batteries broke off…shown in the picture. Anyone have any idea how to make the connection solid again? I don’t have spot wielder so can’t redo the tabs and I don’t want to solder bc it’s such a small area to work with that I’m afraid I’ll kill the cells due to heat.

Thanks in advance

If you live in the US. there are a couple battery builders on the forum that could probably fix it @barajabali

Thanks @Namasaki

@theviith Ill take care of it for a minimal charge. pm me if interested

Isn’t there some type of warranty on the space cell?

I’d like to know about that too. Kinda odd that those tabs broke off. Even when fixed others will break once again. How are you mounting the pack @theviith?

thanks guys @barajabali @Namasaki for the offer but I got it fixed!!! After fiddling around, I realized that I could just add another nickel plate in between the contacts and hot glue them down to secure the connection…and it worked! I’ve test ridden them earlier today with no problems!

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@Eboostin yea I thought so too, but apparently not lol. I don’t think Enertion offers any warranty to its products other than the VESC…but even with that, you’d have to pay extra for the warranty lol

@c4Lvin I will post a pic of my build soon, it’s a little beaten up right now so will needs some re-polishing before going public haha

Caution: if the tab patches are not soldered or welded to the original strips, you could have arcing between them because of vibration and it could be some heavy arcing with 10s.

if anyone is wondering about our warranty it is written here:

to summarise, most electronics have 60 days warranty covering manufacturing faults. (vesc platinum & raptors have longer warranty)

i would need to see a picture showing the enclosure you mounted the battery inside. was the battery protected from board flex & vibrations?

to fix this problem i suggest lifting up one side, like you a turning a page in a book, then you will be able to see inside, in the middle between the cells. you will then need to use your soldering iron to bridge the gaps.