Problem with TB Motor Mount and clearance. SEE PICS!

I’m running into a build issue with my TB mount and 63mm motor.

The pully ( Pully Combo Kit from TorqueBoards 16T/36T with 265mm belt) is too short and causing the motor to hit the rear truck nut. I’ve considered shaving off the part of the nut, but maybe i can just get a longer pully?

The last two pictures are with the motor fully extended in the motor mount. The cable is not long enough to stretch that far. Even with that length, the motor is still fairly close to the nut.

So you mean it’s hitting the kingpin? Maybe angling the mount a little more away from the kinpin will give you what you are looking for. Unless I’m missing something, you should get your clearance, yet also have enough room to wiggle so you don’t drag your motor. Have you tried that yet?

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Yes, the king-pin.

The issue is the cable connecting the pullys is causing the motor to hit the kingpin. Without the motor being FULLY extended in the motor mount (as shown in the last pictures) the motor will hit the kingpin.

It seems like the motor is just too angled, maybe have it closer to the ground and it shouldn’t hit. I run 16/36T with a 265mm and they’re perfectly fine.


Looks like your trying to mount your motor a little to high. You could try flipping the mounting ring, and mount the motor a little lower.


Okay. I’ll give it a shot and report back.

Slide the motor mount closer to the wheel pulley. They should have enough gap to put a credit card between them. this will line up your belt pulleys. As for the motor hitting the truck, be sure you keep the motor down from the bottom the board enough that the mount does not hit the board when pivoting the board to turn.

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So, after loosening the truck mount, it looks like this will work. About how much room should there be between the motor and the kingping?

In this pic it certainly appears that it is just a little to close boardside, but with a bit of adjustment…

In the last pictures I see that it looks like the mounts may be a little too far over on the truck hanger from your drive pulley. Maybe move it over a bit as well. :wink:

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After a bit of adjusting, it looks like in order to have enough room to a “safe” distance, the motor will be about even level with the bottom of the trucks.

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The motor is defiantly higher with more clearance and the pully should fit. How much distance should there between the kingping though.

Just enough so the board/kingpin doesn’t hit the motor when you turn.

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IMO Loosen up your kingpin very loose and move the hanger in both directions to see where it would possible touch. Especially at the extreme farthest positions. With the kinpin tightened and bushings installed you probably will never get the trucks to go to the full Extreme on a turn. If it’s going to clear with the trucks loose, it should be golden with them tightened to spec. You got this, bro! :+1:

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I actually did JUST that. Defiantly have enough clearance now. One last question.

How much pressure should be between both pullys? Should I fit the cable then stretch out the cable as hard as I can before locking the motor into the motor mount?

As loose as possible without having skipping teeth. You sorta have to try and find out. General rule of thumb is to firmly, but not too hard, pull then tighten the nuts.