Problem with wheels and trucks

Hi, I’m new here and I ahve been reading in this forum for several weeks without registering. I have pretty much decided my build, which will be really low on budget as I am a student and I don’t really know if I will like riding the board or not hehe.

The first problem I have encountered is mainly about shipping costs. All cheap wheels and trucks from ebay (clones mainly) have about 50 to 60 usd shipping to Spain, where I live (more than the products themselves). I wanted some big wheels, like 90 or even 97 if possible as the roads around here are not really smooth.

I have looked at two option, one from aliexpress and one from ebay, and was looking for a confirmation, specially for the trucks, as I don’t know if they will be of easy fit on a mount (I plan to cnc it myself, and wanted a enertion style without welding anything).

I leave you the links to the products. THe total aomunt with shipping is around 90usd for both options, about 5 more from the ebay option,but they would arrive faster so I wouldn’t mind.



THanks in advance for your help, hope you clear up my mind or maybe even post a better buying option :stuck_out_tongue:.

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Some wheels here?


will take a look at it.

Any info on trucks?

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Keep your eyes on eBay for calibers?

the only ones I have seen without 50 or 60 usd shipping are the ones I linked. Are they exact caliber clones? They seem like it

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