Problems! please help

Hey guys, Im 14 and have built an esk8 but i have a few problems already! i used to be able to go 20mph but now i can only go 16.4. Anyone can help? Maybe i stored my batteries at a too high voltage or i lost one magnet in my motor? Im going to change to chain drive in the coming days and I’m planning on using a bms but i don’t want to mess up my batteries. help ? I have 2 3s lipo’s 5000mah zippy compact stored a t 4v for 1 week and a half. thanks

If you ever drained your battery under 3.4v then that could be an issue. If the motor didn’t seem to be damaged or making unwanted noise, it’s ur battery.

Uhhhh oh… ya I have to 3.2 I thought that was what you could drain it to. Shame

I’ve struggled a tad with LiPo battery’s recently. Annoyingly, @laurnts schooled me in my thread as well :slight_smile:

Officially, LiPo’s can be drained to 3.0V (no further than), however if you look at the discharge graphs available online you can see there’s no benefit (LiPo’s plummet after 3.4V), and it’s just plain dangerous. Also, discharging to 3.0V is asking for it, and I’d say going that low repeatedly will likely take it’s toll on the battery.

My new Cutoffs are 3.45V/3.5V per cell for LiPo’s.

Hijacking the thread a bit. Sry! How much can you drain a 18650 li ion cell without doing any damage to the pack?

Cutoff at 2,8V is recommended

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Thanks! Do u know what I can do with a BMS how to ?

Anyone know how to wire a BMs for my battery’s (batteries listed at the top)

Which BMS do you have? Normally they provide a wiring diagramm somewhere.

I don’t have a bms but I have now decided to use a vga port idea from Miami electric skateboards It’s super simple

How do you have a cutoff?

Are you using a VESC as the speed controller?