Problems with Enertion Wheel Pulley

Hi guys,

I noted that with the 3rd bearing the wheel is dancing, removing it the wheel goes better and linear.

I’ve installed it on a Abec clone wheel but this happen with Enertion powerwheels also.

What do you think about removing the pulley and dremel the edges in the middle (the blue area) prolonging the cone, to let it fit with all trucks?

id cut the truck before i took structure away from the 3d printed pulley

I think removing 1.5mm is enough, not too bad for the structure, it’s also true that it will miss the support by the bearing then :smiley:

well, whatever you do is at your own discretion… also be sure to post regardless of it if works :stuck_out_tongue: … for science.

I don’t know, I’m waiting for some other opinions, thanks man!

Hi, I’ve received the second part of the order with the chopped truck and 15t pulley but I still missing the Space Cell pro 4…are you going to send it with a third shipping?? Im wondering was a mistake

Im so unlucky, I’ve also received the chopped trucks in both sides but I have ordered the Mono Rspec+

add lots of washers :slight_smile:

(ita: metti un botto di rondelle :D)

or just add a bearing, it will act like a spacer.


Ok :expressionless: thank you guys

Ita: grazie Francesco @makevoid , non si capisce più na mazza qua, hanno sbagliato tutto e mi hanno anche mandato 4 viti per trucks al posto di 8…non so più che dire, aspetto la Space Cell, sperando che non si siano dimenticati anche questa. Grazie

ita: in bocca al lupo!


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Or buy a set of normal Caliber trucks and start building a second board. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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same here, ordered a mono rspec and got a dual-chopped truck - good for a future update with a second motor. btw i have received all the parts (including SCP4) but without the motor… very frustrating :grimacing:

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I’ve already bought the caliber set :wink: but Is for another board :smiley:

Whats your order Number? Where are you from? Just to know if my Space Cell is on the way

I’m pretty sure they always come with both ends chopped. Just add a bearing spacer.

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Order 4819, from france

Thank you!! I’d like to know how many weeks I have to wait, when did you receive your SCP4? I have order 5047

  1. So what size trucks would I need on a dual raptor to upgrade to 12mm belts without cutting the rear truck?
  2. Does Enertion sell a rear truck for a dual raptor with 12mm belts?

Yes, Enertion sell the both chopped sides rear truck so is ready for dual drive. I have the mono so I had to add a bearing on the side without 3d 36t pulley