Problems with focbox programming

I am new to diy esk8 and I have problems with my first build

I’ve programmed my focbox unity through the mobile app because I am using a flipsky VX 2 pro and the display doesn’t work when programming with vesc tool. Everything except the brakes works perfectly.When I am breaking only the regeneration braking works and the normal braking only kicks in when I move slower than 5km/h. I do not know how to fix this. Plz help

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I do not understand the problem.

What is meant by ‘regeneration braking’ & ‘normal braking’.

When you move the VX2 wheel back, it will slow down / stop the wheels. Does this happen?

When I brake only the regen braking activates so I only have 6 amps of breaking power

The 60 amps brake only activates when I move under 5km/h which makes it totally useless

Why is the regen current so low?

The energy has to go somewhere, (i.e. back into your battery), so I think you need to increase that limit to be what your battery can actually handle

Also, you are set to 3 cells (which I doubt you have a 3s).

My battery is 10s and has a limit of 6 amps I am planning to upgrade the battery to a 12s 5p 40t battery so 30 amps

And what I mean with normal braking is DC braking (Eddy current brake) which gets stronger the faster you go. It works by shorting all motor wires. For example the evolve gtr uses that kind of brake which is why it can only slow you down to about 4km/h because the motors aren’t powerful enough therefore can’t create much power for braking.

If you are able to discharge 35 Amps, you will be able to regen break at around 50% of that value. That is how we normally work it out for Lithium cells.

This is not the same as your wall charger, which is constant charging, this is just for a short time, so as long as it doesn’t cause your cells to overheat, you could techincally regen brake even higher than that.

Set your Regen breaking limit to ~16 Amps. for a discharge limit of 35 Amps. Hopefully that will help you stop until you have more parallel cells to spread the load.

As far as I know the VESC does not use Eddy current braking, but 6 Amps below 5km/h will feel much stronger than at higer speeds.

This guy had your exact question, so hopefully this gives you some reassurance.

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Thank you very much

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