Problems with my Build | Trampa 14FIFITES | Flipsky 63100 | 12mm Axle | Bearings

Hey there, this is gonna be my first Topic on this Forum and im not used to using Forum’s but im going to try too describe everything well and have a nice conversation with you people out there ! :blush:

Im really at the end of my Nerve with Trampa xD but i can laugh about it because i guess i did not make eneugh research before buying all my stuff. I really liked E-Skating and wanted to get into it. So i watched some videos and got the impression its easy too do. Not short after i stumbeled across Trampa Boards. I too really liked them but could not affort a complete board by them and wanted my battery under the board ! So im trying to build my own. And tought Trampa is the company to go too for DIY stuff… wrong. Trampa products really seem to have to mount to other Trampa products. And since im not from the UK its getting expensive for me only because off Tax and shipping ^^ so i need some Answers now ! :stuck_out_tongue:

So i went out and bought a Deck that i liked, which is big eneugh to fit my battery enclosure and doesnt has too much flex. Plus its more on the Freeride side than MTB(really look’s close to the ORRSOM) Picture of Deck:

Then i went with cloudwheels cause they just seem cool and have good reviews… For internals i got a 12s6p Li-Ion battery, Dual Flipsky FESC 6.6 and Motors the 63100 by Flipsky + Remote.

Now the Trampa Stuff: I bought the “new” 14FIFTIES, because Trampa support told me the 12FIFTIES would not fit a Dual 63100 Setup. And of course the 12/14FIFTIES Motormount because i loved the concept of a belt tensioner. Picture of Dual Setup:

So now i got fitment problems! I will provide Pictures! :slight_smile:

Small problem i can fix is the motor doesnt fit in the motormount. Motor-Shaft is 10mm but bearing in Motormount only has a 8mm hole. Picture of Flipsky 63100 with Motor-Gear attached:

Picture of Motor-Shaft and Motormount with bearing installed:

I already ordered new bearing’s with a 10mm hole so no real problem there yet ^^ But next problem is when i install the Motor on the Motormount… The shaft is not really long eneugh or the mount is too thick. so that the Motor-Gear only fits over by half. I can still fasten it but do you think JB-Weld for example is necessary there? can it slide off ?? Picture of Motor installed on Motormount. Motor-Gear half on:

And i think the Hanger of the Truck just looks weird or is really ment for Carbon Boards or the ORRSOM!

Picture of Board with hangar top mounted:

Picture of Board with hangar and riser pad top mounted:

Picture of Board with hangar bottom mounted:

Picture of Board with hangar and riser pad bottom mounted:

The Riser pad just makes no sense in my eye’s or am i missing something ? XD

Worst part for me is i cant use the Cloudwheel’s one the Trucks i think :frowning: The Truck have a 12mm Axle so the Bearing’s that where with the Cloudwheel’s are 8mm. So i ordered 12mm Bearing’s of course by Trampa because no one else sells them… but they dont fit inside the Cloudwheels … xD Do you guys know another option or do i need to use some Trampa wheels? because 4 Trampa Urban threads cost more than 180euro for me because of tax and stuff. Or would you suggest to buy a different Truck all together ??? But will the Motormount fit then … ? Picture of a Cloudwheel:

Picture of a Cloudwheel with a fitting bearing:

Two Pictures of a Cloudwheel with a waay to big Trampa Bearing inside:

Will the Motormount fit any other truck ? Picture of Motormount with Messurements:

inner Diameter is 20mm

So are there any experts that can give me some good Advise ? Thank you very much if you read trough until here and maybe this will eaven be Informative for you one Day :wink: I wish you well have a good time Skating !!! ;D

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Welcome to the ESK8 forum, @1Bigiron. I’m curious to hear what your plans are in terms of a BMS or how you plan to do battery management. Also what kind of battery are you using?

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Hey there idk how this help’s with the problems described before but sure :smiley:

Almost everything in one Picture:

Could not show anything from Battery pack becasue it just arrived today!

Here is a close up of the Pack with Spec’s and Manufacturer:

And it arrived with more Problems too …

I fully charged it up and hooked it up to the Anti-Spark Switch and dual Flipsky VESC 6.6. And nothing turns on :frowning:

Picture of Anti Spark Switch and VESC:

Everything “istalled” in the enclosure on the Deck:

Power Button Connected to Anti Spark Switch:

i think the light is very dimm, maybe its just me ?

Power Buttons connected to Anti Spark Switch(ON) and VESC(OFF):

When i turn put Power Buttons ON, instantly light turns off:

What am i doing wrong here ? -.-

Only thing i can think of is the Anti Spark Switch messing things up

or the Battery is not what it say it is … cry

This Weekend i can meet up with my brother

he has those things where you can messure current (Volts?) with.

then i will know for sure …

any suggestion’s pleaseee???

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uh and yeah its a China battery pack (Li-ion).

but wasnt cheap by any means, 650euro i think.

all manufactured “to spec”

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I wish I could be more helpful but I’m fairly new here. Still working on my first build.

Hello everyone, i wanted to give you a Small update on my Project since i figured something out today :slight_smile:

Picture of everything:

Can you see how the Battery has 2 small Cable’s sticking out? I tought these are some kind of Sensor’s. Turns out you have to sawder a ON/OFF Button too it. So you can actually turn the battery on ^^

Picture of everything turned ON and lighting up 100%:

And i got back with Flipsky.

The “Dual FESC 6.6 Plus Pro Switch” actually has a Anti Spark Switch installed on it.

So you dont have to use a extra one, either or you want 2 ON/OFF Switch for some reason.

And for Wheel’s i try to get a refund on the Cloudwheel’s and order some Trampa Gummies,

so that they fit on the Axle and the Pulley to the Motor mount…

going to send more pictures if this arrives.

Im thinking of making an entirly new post with all my parts and where i ordered them and stuff …

what do you think ?


Curious: did you try removing the motor adapter and screwing the motor directly onto the mount?