Problems with TB mounts and customer service

Hi, fellow esk8 Builders. I recently bought a TB 63mm motor mount. I noticed that it quickly became loose so pushed the motor mount up in one of the corners as recommended by people on the forum, I also put locktite and let it dry for 24hours. It is still becoming loose.

I therefore, contacted them and the best I got from them is a 20 dollar discount on shipping for their ‘‘new’’ Clamp. This means that I would have to pay 50 dollars for a new mount plus Norwegian tax. This means that I would have to pay roughly 80 dollars all in all for a new clamp. Am I the only one who finds this Unreasonable. I mean, when i am buying a motor mount that doesn’t work as it should i expect to get an explanation to why this is happening and possibly a new clamp for free or atleast reasonably cheap.


see here, use search function

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As @anon64938381 says mate its been covered a lot but just for quick ref. The curved side of the truck. The curved side is the first set screw you tighten. then either of the side screws. All the way in with a proper wrench tight as you can. Then the others. What this will do is pull the clamp into the square side of the truck and lock it into a corner and bingo. Loctite and no more loose clamp.

Thanks, I’ll try that!

Works. I’ve got reverse (the long ones) with big old heavy motors and no dramas. Is yours dual?

no I am running a single

For my first set, I drilled into the trucks 1/8" put a dab of jb weld and used red loc-tite… never had an issue

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Really interesting solution, might have to try that out.

I got tired of falling… it hurt… and then TB sent out new clamps and all was good

Yeah that would have been my next step had it still loosened off but its all good.

watch this

Thanks for the help man!!

you are most welcome

It’s likely it will come loose again, they are just a poor design tbh.

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@Muffe - Please email us :slight_smile: [email protected]

no actually it won’t. If you do it properly. As stated.

yea @BigBrit Its not that bad if done right… i got made and fored mine to stay using red loc-tite and jbweld. but TB customer service is actually REALLY good IMO, i have dealt with some other places and they are out right rude (not mentioning names) but TB is helpful and even sent out replacement parts to A LOT of people at no charge.

I wasn’s gonna buy from them anymore due to an unrelated issue, but their customer service won me over and i actually just bought a new V5 fixed mount and 2 6380 motors…


Yes, this. I has friends in the local area who have had batteries replaced free of charge due to issues. I mean, this is kind of expected as a factory warranty issue… But I still commend them for standing by their products enough to replace ~$500 batteries on the word that it isn’t working to it’s full potential as expected. All I’ve seen is great customer service from TB.

As for my old mounts, I’ll say it now and say it again… Old v4 mounts on TB218, it is very possible to easily enough get them to never come loose. Mine have been going SOLID for months, and only with some old old (taken apart many times since application) and worn out loctite blue from when I first got them.

The mounts aren’t perfect but @Holyman92 is right their customer service can be good if you document your situation properly and don’t ask too much. Install the mount like the video shows and rather than loctite them in, ride it for a few days and frequently tighten the screws so that they can really dig in and take some meat out of the hanger. Then when you feel good about it, take the grubs out and loctite them one at a time to finish it off!

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Yes do This ^^ when ur trucks are dug into and look like this… they’re ready


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