Programmable Dual motor VESC?

Hi guys,

Anyone know if such a thing exists? Googled but I couldn’t find anything

I know I could used two VESC’s, just wondering before I buy

Most ESCs are locked down, which is the major appeal of the VESC. Dual VESCs are better anyway imo as the components aren’t shared effectively giving you twice the rated value of the components. Also, it’s more modular and easier to fit into various setups.

Looks like two VESC’s it is then.

Is it possible to reduce the braking effect to virtually zero? I just want acceleration and coasting

yea but there will always be a bit of drag from the motors, not sure why you wouldn’t want the option to brake though.

Been riding boards for a long time and I find it too unnatural, sends me off the front nearly every time.

A lot of people may not agree but I don’t go mega fast into hairy situations, not a fan of regen and I live in an area devoid of anything resembling a hill.

somewhat agree. When I first used an eboard the brakes were odd, but as I got used to it, it definitely made willing to go faster than I can run off. But why not have it, but just not use it? No point in fully disabling it which you can do with a VESC I believe

You could just have it and not use it, but if you’re really getting into esk8 you should learn to brake. It’ll stop you faster than anything you do with sliding or foot braking, and can save you in clutch situations. Brakes on the VESC can be configured to be really gentle if you’re afraid of flying off.

I’ll start with them set low and see, my current setup brakes as soon as stop accelerating, zero coasting, I can slowly back off the throttle but again, too unnatural.

I just want the boost and then the coast.

Hence the reason for a new controller.

yea the VESC is vastly different than most ESCs, you’ll probably be happy with the braking. If you let go it’ll coast unless you throttle backwards (thumb remote) to brake.

So something like this?