Programmable Supply Power 60v 15A 35$

Just found this deal, think its nice to share with you since many people use those slow laptop brick chargers This is really cheap compared to other ones ive found so here you go


You can get these on Amazon(US) too, and don’t forget you still need to provide an AC-DC power supply at least 10% higher voltage than your full charge voltage


This is DC input only as well, so it can’t just be used as a wall charger by itself.

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Damn didnt see that ugh

I ordered this one just yesterday, it has Bluetooth :stuck_out_tongue: No clue if there’s an Android app for it, it’ll be pretty simple to whip one up if there isn’t

DROK Wireless Bluetooth Voltage Regulator Computer Remote Monitor Control Buck Converter DC 6-55V to 0-50V 5A Step Down Stabilized Switching Power Supply Module USB Communication Volt Transformer

I’ve built a dozen custom chargers with these units already, they are freaking awesome

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Add one of these and you can charge any lithium configuration up to 10S at 3A Also keep in mind these units take up to 55V input and max 50v output Could be used for 12S with 55V input with full charge at 4.16V per cell, which isn’t a problem in my view.

KNACRO AC 100-240V to DC 48V/3A 48V 3A 144W Power Supply Adapter AC Switching Power Transformers Interface 5.5 x 2.5mm Suitable for Routers switches control systems

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One can build a pretty decent adjustable bench power supply with one of these. Only need few extra parts, like enclosure, Meanwell PSU (or similar), some connectors, wires…

I thought 15A version was overkill so I got the 5A version (DPS5005) and earlier this year build a bench PSU for my experiments.

Now I got the Bluetooth/USB module version so just today, I did a simple swap operation because Bluetooth control is really nice to have. I’ll probably be selling the older version soon.

Anyhow, here is the setup I had / now have, has been serving me well so far and now with Bluetooth control, it will be even more convenient :slight_smile:



This looks pretty sick, im planning on building one like this

Do these have CC/CV output?

CC/CV output is needed for charing lithium batteries.

Yea but requiere dc input

Yeah they’re perfect for lithium charging

Something to be aware of, some versions of the modules require a diode in series on output for protection when connecting capacitive loads (like the battery charge). They include the diodes with the item. In my album it is the small zip-lock bag at the top of the PSU, in second photo I replaced it with USB module, as I’m using Bluetooth and this version of module has the diode on the PCB.

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dat ghetto setup :smiley:


If it works, it works, :yum: Lol, waiting on aluminum enclosure from china

I love my DPS5015 module it’s a great lab bench PSU for far cheaper than anything even close to it. I have it connected to a 24V 20A PSU in the rear and it works pretty well, wish I had a 48V 10A PSU but for now it works well. I 3d printed an enlcoure for it I found on Thingiverse and it fits very well. Second pic is how I mounted the PSU behind my desk.


wondering what the benefit of this over my setup using a meanwell-like switching supply with a wattmeter wired to the dc output? seems pretty much the same thing without quite the fine adjustability as I’m stuck with a screw on mine and this has a knob

It has CC CV for lithium charging, can program multiple battery profiles and charge diff setups with a button push or 2

@Hummie I think your confusing it with this

I’ve built 3 with these, no issues DROK Adjustable DC Power Voltage Converter AC 110V-220V to DC 0-48V Module Switching Power Supply Digital Display 480W Voltage Regulator Transformer Built in Cooling Fan

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Thats actually a great deal especially for Amazon Prime though I found a few for sale on AliExpress for the 11.11 sale for like $24 not a whole lot cheaper but yeah.