Programming VESC 75100 10s5p 6374 190kv

Hi all

I want to program my vesc but don’t want to F it up, so thought it best to ask your advice first.

Battery: 10s5p as pictured with more specs. I had a 10s3p but had to change as it did not fit (new one is deeper but shorter)

ESC is a Flipsky 75100

  • Voltage:14-84V (4-20S)
  • Continuous Current:100A.
  • Max Current:120A.
  • Firmware: latest (firmware update supported)
  • ERPM:150000.
  • Control Interface Ports:USB,CAN,UART.
  • BEC:5V@1A.
  • Modes:DC, BLDC, FOC (sinusoidal)

Motor: Flipsky BLDC Belt Motor Battle Hardened 6374 190KV 3500W Brushless

I’m using the Vesc app. I went to set up the motor so far and it was asking me what size motor, small, medium or large. It had preset values for each, cookie cutter style, I assume this should be overridden and custom values entered or is it okay to use their cookie cutter mltor settings?

Also, I don’t think I can connect my bluetooth controller at the same time as the BT module/info receiver - should the controller ideally be connected for Vesc programming or does it not make a difference? Controller is Flipsky VX2.

Cheers all

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If you’re doing motor detection, the motors are medium outrunners. You don’t necessarily need to do anything else. It’ll just ask you for battery after.

Make the flipsky vx2 a ppm controller instead since all it does is the same thing but in uart. The only thing you might lose might be the speedometer. But that’s up to you. I dont think the 75/100 has another uart.

Edit: maybe it does… I’m completely unsure since I see Tx2/rx2 and shows two types.


Thank you man. Much simpler than I tjought tben. Cheers again!!

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Shit on a stick, guys, its working. I’m just waiting for a heat gun and foam mould to arrive now so I can make and attach the enclosure.

Feels good man.

Thank you all for your help, what an awesome community. Cheers.

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Lol glad to help

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