Project CF | First Build | All in one CF deck | Single 6374 | 10s3p | Focbox

Sooo, it is now time for me to show off my first ever electric skateboard build. I decided to do something special so I combined it with a school project and started to brainstorm what I could make. I decided to attempt to create a full all-in-one CF deck made with aerospace grade CF fiber. I pitched my idea to a company making defense and aerospace parts and they agreed to provide some materials for my build.

My specs are the following: Single 6374 190kv from tourqe boards 10s3p from alienpowersytems Single Focbox Torque Boards 218mm trucks Abec 11 107mm hm-10 Bluetooth module Untitled_2019-Feb-02_08-31-11AM-000_CustomizedView7774403127_jpg Untitled_2019-Feb-02_08-18-58AM-000_CustomizedView24770603550_jpg IMG-6788 IMG-679IMG-6830|375x500 9 IMG-6792 IMG-6791 IMG-6830 IMG-6832 IMG-6835 IMG-6896
IMG-6898 56971137511__2D7819AE-F429-46D0-9794-C21B85DD91CE 56971270043--A74C627B-C7BA-4FB2-9239-5CAC954C567F 57047798469--410320D8-1353-491B-ADEA-11E05D2FAC94 57047955471--3F213EFE-749D-459A-B073-FCD6BE9FDE24 IMG-6927%20(1) IMG-6934

Any questions or suggestions on how to make it better are very welcome because i might make a version 2.


How much CF is in each section? And can you give us a flex test?

so here is the layup Twill Weave x1 Biaxal x1 Unidirectional x1 5mm Thick pvc core Unidirectional x1 Biaxal x1 Twill weave x1

I will do a flex test when I come home, it has barely any flex to it. there are two different types of layers in the deck, the ones that have a hole in the middle that slides right over the box on the mold, the second pieces are rectangles that just sit over the box with a slit at 45 degrees in the corners so that they can wrap down without any bulges. Let me know if i should do a drawing because i am very bad at explaining.


Is the PVC just for thickness?

no, the pvc stiffens up the board drastically while adding very minimal weight, without the pvc core the board would be very flexy and flimsy.

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But PVC sheet bends in the hand…

Yes untill it is saturated with epoxy, after that it becomes very stiff.

I’m also curious about the choice of using pvc, can you post a link or tell us where you got it? Epoxy usuals doesn’t adhere well to pure untreated PVC. You used west system epoxy also?

Just so we are one the same page, I am talking about this type of core.

They guy who helped me with the layup designes misiles so I think he knows what he is talking about.

Thank you, I’m guessing Zach was thinking the same as me as pvc is a hard flexible plastic like acrylic, but it is a foam core pvc you used, very cool.

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Yeah, see why you started to wonder. PVC foam cores are used very often in super light and strong carbon fiber parts. The lid on my board also has a tiny foam core inside, the plate that it was cut out of was supposed to be used for a missile but never ended up being used, got it from my dad:)