Project: COMPLETED AI | Clone Vanguard | 90mm Wheel | Caliber V2 50-Degree | Dual Motor: SK3 6354 | Custom Motor Mont | Enertion VESC | 2x 4S 5000MAH 20C

Update ~~Project: AI | Clone Vanguard | 90mm Wheel | Caliber V2 50-Degree | Duo Motor: SK3 6354 | Custom Motor Mont | Enertion VESC | 2x 4S 5000MAH 20C Update~~

Hi, Ben from Singapore, I am setup a daily transport for my work( 2.5KM distance one way).

idea setup below: Deck : Custom deck Truck : Caliber Version 2 50 Degress Wheel : 90mm wheel Pully and belt: custom 36/15 pulley and belt Motor mount : custom mounting Motor : Turnigy SK 6353 (will upgrade to dual 6354 after few months) ESC: Enertion VESC Battery : 2x 4S1P 5000MAH 20C Remote: Enerion nano-x Charger : imax B8 8S charger

I draft out my setup diagram, anyone can advise me the setup is correct?

Some part was confusing me.

  1. Charging 2x 4cells battery in series, how was the balance lead going to modify.
  2. Kep loop switch

UPDATED 21-12-2016

After nearly 3months, finally done. here is some progress photo.

Deck : Clone loaded vanguard Truck : Caliber Version 2 50 Degress Wheel : 90mm wheel Pully and belt: custom 36/12 pulley and belt Motor mount : custom mounting (from local esk8 seller) Motor : Duo Turnigy SK 6354 ESC: Duo Enertion VESC Battery : 2x 4S1P 5000MAH 20C Remote: Rc remote Charger : imax B6 (will integrate bms after new year holiday) tat is too troublesome to charge lipo. Enclosure: 3D printing carbon fiber Vesc box and Black pla battery box. Switch: Circuit breaker 120A

Waiting part to upgrade to BMS system and battery indicator.

Performance Torque 0-10: soft 10-35: strong (accident hit full throttle will fall down)

Speed: Maximum speed i tried is 35kph. i afraid to speed up anymore as i have bike accident experience.
I think maximum speed can hit 45-50kph.

Really poor range. Around 10-12 miles. (70flat 30hill)

Overall result: Satisfy on the speed, but not the stability. Might be cause of the loose truck as i need to tight turn while i going to my workplace. Vibration make my feet so numb even using 90mm wheel. It is because the walkway was not smooth enough like road. (Singapore skateboard only can run on the pathway/walkway, not on the road) After i add in EVA form under the grip tape, will help to decrease the vibration from the board.

Wheel pulley 36t on the 90mm wheel

Taobao seller 36t:12t 5m.

Motor mounting from local esk8 part seller (customize cnc)

Ground clearance too high for me.

Lucky can catch up the last two pieces before Enertion VESC not produce this VESC anymore.

Order from local 3D printing service for the VESC carbon fiber enclosure (too small for dual VESC, faint!!!) and after printing, my friend told me carbon fiber is electric conductive. Need apply some kapton tape to prevent short circuit.

Mount on motor and adjust the enclosure location.

I need add a wooden base and fit with putty only can fit my 2 VESC.

Battery enclosure

Black tape and testing on road. Everything look good, tune up motor and battery max to get good torque and speed and brake.

Mount the battery instead of using casing to hold the battery. More secure.

Charging~~~ Add in additional battery for down light and head light.

Forget to the photo of flat cable run thought the deck to connect between battery and vesc. (clone boosted board design. (I am Casey super fans) Mount the circuit breaker and the head light on the front.

Suck spray skill on the word. But seem like B.B.

Too high? i need find way to low down the board or change to drop though deck. any advice? I might go for gullwings sidewinder 2 on front truck. Like Evolve Board

Take away the wording and plan to respray.

I need a cover for my belt and pulley. But no idea.

Switch board and light. Two light mount the truck screw.

Close up.

Two head light.

EVA form under the grip tape. 3MM.



I can help you with that loop switch. You’ll want to buy an xt90s off of amazon (I think it’s like 5USD) and make sure you have some spare wire around 14 and some soldering skills. Bridge the connections of the key connection and put some string through the loop. Then apply heatshrink and have a small slit so that the string is accessible. For example:

List looks good, if you want to be able to charge your batteries without unplugging them every time you can make a parallel connection before the anti-spark switch that would connect to the charger instead of the ESC

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this loop solder on negative line or positive line?

I chose positive, but either should work the entire thing for me looked like this

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thank you anorak… thanks for your help.

i have 2 4s 5000mah 20c lipo battery, not yet buy the balance charger yet. due to budget tight, if i buy imax b6 mini, it only can charge 4s battery one by one. if i using parallel board to charge together, will it hurt battery? my fren told me that, if two battery difference voltage left, the higher voltage will charge to lower voltage. it will hurt the lower voltage battery. is it true?

if i using 5.0a to charge, it will take around one hour plus to fully charge rite?

or i need get bigger power charger? but for my mind set, i wan protect my battery well, will not charge over 5.0a (1c).

Parallel charging means that your charger goes by the average of two voltages, so if one cell is dangerously low and the matching cell is dangerously high it will charge both thinking that they are normal voltage… so yes potentially very dangerous.

so, wat is the best way to charge my 2x 4s battey? charge one by one using 4a/5a?

charge one at a time or get an 8s bms and a laptop style charger

New update for the project.

Do you have the files for the 3D printed carbon fiber box for the Vesc?

Hey, nice build - very sheek :wink: was wondering if you could talk about your custom deck and how it was built - ie what materials you used. What thickness is it and how flexy it is

@SpeedyGornzallez deck i bought from china taobao. not make by owner. i love this deck, but here have another user just crack it. so i not sure the quality problem or…

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What is the max distance you can get out of a full charge?

Your deck still holding up? Looking at buying one.