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Project DontDie | Arbor | Caliber II | Ollin 200kv | DIY v3 | 37V (battery?) | Vedders Speed w/heat sink

Good Day All! After reading countless threads in the shadows I’ve finally decided to jump in head first and try to build my own. Almost all the parts are ordered except for the batteries and anything I may think to be missing.

Arbor 40" stiff board Caliber II Fifty 10 in/50 degree 184mm trucks Vedder’s Speed Controller With 4mm Bullet Connectors Motor Side/XT-With 90 Anti Spark Battery side and heat sink Ollin Board OM5065-200kv Motor diy mount & pulleys (Gear Ratio 16T/36T) Orangatang Kegel Wheels 80mm 80a Bones Super Reds bearings Miami Electrics hand held remote. 2x Turnigy 5000mAh 5S 25C Lipo Pack (in series to make it 10S)

I think that’s all I need. If I’m missing anything let me know. The battery is my only concern. I feel like the 25C shouldn’t run too hot and the voltage is right in the sweet spot at 37 (per my calculations).

Can’t wait to get all the parts in. I went with the new Ollin Motor because it looks like @chaka really put in extra protection and living by the beach (sand everywhere) I really wanted to make sure I don’t overheat anything and I do it right the first time. Thanks for listening guys.

Update I have received most the parts but not the key ones. I’m waiting on the VESC, motor, controllerand batteries. So basically I have a nice board with some gears haha. Really excited for the next parts. My only concern is that I ordered the DIY Electric Skateboard gears v3, but got V4… not positive if it will work with Ollin Motors. @chaka (sorry to tag you but…)will this be an issue with the motor fitting properly?

Here’s a picture of my “work-station” putting what I can together. Don’t mind the table being a door I took off the hinges haha


This looks almost exactly like my build


Some things to note. You won’t be able to mount the trucks drop through style unless you plan on mounting the motor on the rear. Also you can’t fit two motors on 1 truck, but it seems you’re going single motor anyway. You may want to get truck risers for extra distance for the motor. Also, make sure you don’t buy the pulley kit from diy as it doesn’t use the kegel compatible pulley, you can check my list for reference. Also, use DIYs v3 motor mount as the v4 does not work for 50mm motors yet.

Dude that’s awesome. I really wanted the Space Cell, but can’t afford it right now. I figured the batteries were where I could really upgrade later. I really look forward to seeing your complete set. I was debating putting a screen on the front truck to monitor voltage, using @FLATLINEcustoms build

That’s pretty awesome, I wish i could drop through the trucks, but I’ll get something to cover the hole eventually. I’ll be making a new post with my build process when i get the rest of my parts. Just waiting on the VESCs, motors, and space cell right now.

I also thought about making my own space cell, but the cost was about the same as just buying it so i just got it.

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I thought about the same thing too, but I didn’t want to electrocute myself ha. Hope you get your final parts soon.

Maybe yo would like this:

or this:

Both designs are by @FLATLINEcustoms.
one is for fitting a volt meter and one for a loop key

Yea that’s the one @mahirob linked to. Also, you linked to the same link twice.

Sorry, i am a bit Tired today

Updated with some pictures. I’ll add more and ping you when everything else comes in.