Project Red | DB Freeride 38 inch | Dual 6374 170kv | 10s4p | 2x Focboxes | Eskating enclosure | 97mm wheels

Hey Guys! So the winter is comming… and i can get my hand off esk8 projects so i dediced to build me another board :slight_smile:

Partslist will be the following

Db Freeride 38 inch deck Tb trucks 218mm Tb motormounts 16T steelpulley 36T Alu pulley 2x 270mm belts 2x6374 170kv eskating motors 2x Focboxes Benchwheel remote or Maytech v2 97mm Wheels black refly Y-piece PPM (not using canbus) Hexagon griptape Metr bluetooth module Enclosure from eskating 10s4p 30q cells with 80A bms 2x Sensor adapters

Last week i recived my order from 20181119_160809

First thing i did was starting to cut out hexagons… this was such a pain to do. Made a total of 30 pieces and it took me over 2hours.:joy: 20181119_175913 20181119_164122

Testing the layout to make sure i made enough of them 20181119_180545

I didnt like the deck color so i decided to change it to red, i was so insipred by eboosteds Darth maul so this project will definitely have similarities. First thing was to sand down the deck completly and then add 2 layers of primer. 20181119_193500 ![20181119_192443|666x500] (upload://eIJdl4EEVXRB82DAXNOxxqJbR7T.jpeg) Next the red paint 20181120_164357 20181120_164346

The motors and trucks i bought from a friend who decided to sell some esk8 parts. I bought motors, trucks, pulleys and a benchwheel remote with reciver. 20181120_132950 20181120_185048 20181120_185054 20181120_143259

On my last build i used the maytech v2 remote and i was quite happy with that one. Loved the fact that i could swap speed modes on the fly! The benchwheel also seems to have a good rep but i keep reading about bad recivers. I dont know yet it the remote i got works so i will need to test it out first before i decide on what remote i will use. If i understand correctly the benchwheel remote needs to be shut off and turned on again to swap between speed modes?

Focboxes are on their way and i will set them up with a ppm y-splitter. On my last build i tried canbus and it ended with fried vescs so i dont really have any trust in canbus connection. It seems like a hit or miss. Split ppm is also safer if the master decides to quit for some reason… Ive also heard that the canbus issue on the focboxes been fixed but i dont know for sure how to check if the focboxes are the updated ones.

Battery: I was first thinking of getting 12S but after some reading it seems quite risky you want to try Foc. So i think i have decided to use a 10s battery just to get some peace of mind.

Will keep you guys updated as the project evolves :slight_smile: I appreciate any input :slight_smile:


Looks good! Good luck on the build! Looking forward to see the finished result!

My hex grip took me 6h :rofl:

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Haha jesus! Well at first i wanted to do small hex, but it would have taken forever!

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20181121_182410 20181121_182302 paint is done, turned out great! Next install griptape!


cool build man. If your focboxes are the new version they don’t have the canbus issue anymore. Then you can still use your bluetooth.

And how do i make sure i have the New boxes?

I am guessing but they will have an updated hw version. Check the version you get and ask either on here or the enertion website. I think its 1.7 but not sure. Canbus is not that big of a deal if you protect yourself though tbh. Never disconnect while powered up and use a fixative to make sure they don’t accidently come out.

Another con with Canbus is if the master fail everything fails. Feels a bit safer with split ppm. Can take some photos on the boxes when they arrive and we can see what hw it is :slight_smile:

True I only use split ppm for that redundancy. I haven’t used canbus for ages but then I don’t use bluetooth either so Its fine for me. Just make sure to snip the 5v cable to the second vesc.

Yep used canbus on the previous build, poof blown drv… Went to split ppm and had no issue for over 1000km. It just gives me a peace of mind when I have a backup if something goes wrong.

Same. I just like everything simple. Very reason I don’t use bluetooth too. Been hearing about the apps re flashing settings on the fly. Loss of power etc. I travel too fast for those kinds of shenanigans.

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Yeah you’re right! @dareno Btw how do you feel about those 97 mm wheels on 16/36 gearing? Is there plenty of torque? I loved the torque on my previous build with dual 6355 16/36 90mm wheels. Maybe 6374 can deliver the same torque with 97mm?

I found the torque on 10s to be good tbh. 6374’s with at least 4p will pull me up hills no drama.

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Some minor parts arrived today!

  • Enclosure spacers
  • Enclosure screws
  • Y-splitter
  • Motorscrews
  • 1 sensor cable 20181122_163304

Did a test install just to see what riser im going to need. On the pictures a 1/2 riser is installed. I do however think that i may be able to use 1/4 and still have clearance during full turns. Another thing i noticed was that the tb 218mm trucks feels super weird, they have huge play in them so i probably need some other bushings and pivot cup. (Any suggestions appreciated).20181122_165559 20181122_170342 20181122_170556 20181122_170418 20181122_170346 20181122_170352 ^

Tomorrow i will install the griptape =)


Guys I need help to make up my mind! Should I get 90 or 97mm refly wheels for the build? Dual 6374 and 16/36 should be punchy even if I use 97 instead of 90mm? Decisions decisions…

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Decided to go with the 97mm abec flywheels! Lets hope i like them.

Im considering painting the cores red, any suggestions on what paint and how to make it as good as possible? =) ABEEC




The play on the TB trucks is most likely due to the kingpin, had the same on mine so had to upgrade to a caliber baseplate.

Did some more work on the deck today. Countersunk the truck holes.

20181123_142021 20181123_142009

Installed the griptape. 20181123_144014 20181123_145044

And BAM! 20181123_160053 20181123_160047

I think i will keep the ends clear of griptape, looks nice IMO.