Project Red for sale! 10s4p, dual 6374, 97mm wheels, Focboxes [EU]

Hey Guys! The time has come to pass my 4th build foward to give space for some new toys! The board is best described as “brutal” :smiling_imp: There is no hill it cant climb…

Topspeed is around 45km/h, i did focus on torque and acceleration on this build. Range up to 40km on a charge. The parts list is long and i have only used quality parts to get good relibility. With the Metr pro you can set up your board on the fly to suit your needs (acceleration, power, modes etc) You can also record and log every ride if you like!

This is the specs.

Db Freeride 38 inch deck

2x Tb trucks 218mm

2x Tb motormounts

2x 15T steelpulley

2x 36T Alu pulley

2x 270mm belts

2x 6374 190kv eskating motors

2x Enertion Focboxes (latest v1.7)

Maytech v2 remote

97mm Wheels black refly Abec orginal

**Canbus cabel **

Hexagon griptape

**Metr pro bluetooth module **

Enclosure from eskating

10s4p 30q cells with 80A bms

2x Sensor adapters

KranK bushings front and rear

Riptide pivot cups front and rear

Zealous bearings

Fast charger 3.5A 42V

Extra belts

Price : 1450 euros.

Some videos of the performance

Located in south of sweden (Helsingborg)


If you got any plans on parting out, dibs for the focboxes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If parting out. I am maybe in for the pulleys + wheels.

And maybe enclosure.

I know also a friend who want the trucks

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If you’re parting out, I’d like the TB218 trucks

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Your YouTube video is the reason I’m going for 74s lol

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Looks like so cool, what is battery type on skateboard? Lipo or lithium ion?

Pretty sure it’s a lithium ion with 18650 Samsung 30Q cells.

So 36 nominal voltage with 12Ah.


If parting out i dibs the dual focboxes

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Your pile of ESK8 parts is growing. Already see it from Mac Park :slight_smile:

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Its a 10s4p 30Q cells from

I might think of parting it out in 2 weeks or so. I will keep you posted.


what duro KranKs r those?

96a and 90A

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DAMNIT was hoping 93 lol

My bad, they are 96 and 93 :sweat_smile:

ahhh, would you sell those?

I have two guys that showed interest in buying the board as a complete. If they don’t I will part it out next week


Is the price with shipping included? (within EU)

If parting out… I’m in Sweden aswell. (Göteborg) I need a remote, and a battery.

If parting out the battery will be sold with the enclosure and charger as a kit. Its a 10s4p samsung 30q cells.

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