Pros and cons of e-skateboard vs e-bike

Everyone should have both! Bikes are better for hauling shit, covering distance, speed, and drinking. Air down the tires on these things, and they will ride on some pretty soft stuff if you hit it with some speed. Cant do that on an esk8… See the mount I made for my bose soundlink on the front bike, another bike benefit.


I strap a case of Heineken on this thing pretty often, here it is with a 12v mister I mounted on it

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This one goes 45mph, 80v, 125#


Esk8 is definitely more fun, but that is a result of more danger. If you really want to have fun, learn how to kite:) This picture is of a relatively small air…

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Fuji Feather 2015 with a friction drive 10S1P LiPo VESC SK3 6374

About 2.5kg added weight. 13kg in total. When not in use, motor does not touch the tire, which is cool.


Nice job! Now you have me thinking about an ultralight bike build

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Wouldn’t the motor heat up and melt the tire if you had to stop?

Motor does not heat that much. My typical usage is 10A on 10S, that’s about 400W. Motor only touches the tire when I press the thumb trottle. When I release it, the tire pushes the motor away.

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Wow. Let’s see a close up of your friction drive. I assume you fab’d it yourself?

I have bought it here



Obviously a bike is much saver but I’m pretty happy with my regular bike and don’t see a reason to E-pimp it. Cant complain about the speed when I hit the pedals. A bit workout won’t hurt you know. So where I live E-bikes are mostly used by elder people with physical impairment. Obviously for these people Eboards are not an option anymore. But believe it or not, I dont remember seeing anyone on an Eboard in RL so far, that’s how rare these things are here. For me there is really no rational reason to get an Eboard. It’s just for the fun and excitement. Practicing on a regular skateboard for 2 weeks now and already found that skateboarding requires alot more focus, anticipation and of course balance. And Ive already kissed the ground twice. One was of imbalance while pushing and hitting something the other going down a slope and underestimating the speed. In both cases I would’ve been better off on an E-board, b/c no pushing and brakes! So in that sense an E-Board is saver than a regular skateboard if you can pace yourself with the throttle.

nice bikes! Looking at your seat angles makes my prostate hurt though:P

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Now that you mention it they all look high dont they. They are all quite comfortable though. Maybe I have no balls.

gotta some balls to ride that bmx bike. My front wheel drive bike scares me the way it want’s to break loose some times and with the short wheelbase, I imagine that thing could get funky real quick. Looks fun though, I bet it hauls ass. Do your pedal’s eat your legs like mine do?

If by Eat your legs you mean sharp aluminium that takes skin off then yes. I rode that BMX the other day on wet slate it was spinnin all over the place! I kinda enjoy things a bit more on the sketchy side though.

My right lower leg is covered in scars from my pedals, I like it though, kinda like a wrestler is proud of his cauliflower ears. Sketchy is my thing also, but if I had to choose I would take rwd any day. It is annoying to have to accelerate slowly so as not to spin the tire.

Yeah i have made one RWD bike. But the simplicity of the FWD makes me lean towards it. The one RWD bike I made was a pain in the ass with the gears and disk spacing being all wrong and I had to customise a lot more stuff to get it to work. FWD just bolts up