Pros/cons vesc vs car esc on 6s

Does anybody have experience with car esc’s and/or vesc? What are the pros/cons with Car esc’s or vescs. Obviously its the cost, but what else?

I have run 12s 120a opto car esc’s and now run Vescs 4.12

The car esc’s ran hotter even with a big heatsink. The car esc’s had terrible brakes, grabby and sometimes unresponsive. For example, when coasting downhill my brakes would not respond unless i applied some throttle first and then brakes. I had the programing box and played with the settings but the settings do very little to improve performance. Car esc’s run in duty cycle mode which means they apply more voltage when throttle is increased and current is increased by the amount of load on the motors.

The Vesc offers much better adjustment though software and has brakes that are very smooth and dependable. The Vesc runs cooler. The Vesc offers current control mode which means that it applies full voltage and current is increased with throttle increase.


Thank you so much. This was a very useful answer. :+1:

If you ask for 6S i would not choose a Vesc. Or let me say different: take the Vesc but with 10 or 12 S :sunny:


would 270kv(5065) on 8s work good on the vesc, or will it pull too much amps?

My advice to every beginner:

Go 12S and VESC. It will save you time and a lot Money plus everything runs more efficient!

So 8s on 270kv is not a good idea? It wont work?

I’ve got a mtbd with 290kv on 6S car ESC (SkyRC Toro 8 150A) and it’s not efficient at all. Lot of heat, very short ride with two Lipo Graphene 6000mAh. I have another one with 190kv sensored on 6S car ESC (Hobbywin XeRun 150A), same max speed but different gear ratio (40km/h real) and it’s very efficient.

So it depends also which car ESC you use. :thinking: what about brakes?