Protection for the Sensorcable

I have some issues with my Sensorcable…

I have an extention between the Cable on the Motor and the vesc. The soldering on the connector (JST PH) broke twice, i guess because the bending while steering and some gras that hits the trucks while rinding offroad…

Does somebody of you have experience with some protection for it?


Heat shrink the connectors together then cover the phase and sensor wires in PET braided sleeve.

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Thanks man, i tried that before, but its to flexible in the section, where i have the connection… the soldering is sensitive…

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I’ve had the same problem twice. Used liquid tape and braided sleevs just like @mmaner posted. Fixed it!


i found something online… but can i detach the connection after i used it? otherwise it might be better so just solder the cables together

This should be similar to what I used.

thanks man, do you have a photo? i still wondering if its better to just drop the connector and solder it.

But, it would be a pain i the a$$ to disconnect…

No I don’t have any photo. But it’s not that hard to remove the tape if ever needed. You just need a little bit on the 5 wires and a small drop on the jst housing

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Heat shrink the connector if you need to remove it you can cut it off but it won’t go anywhere while you ride. Also if you can secure it to the deck so there’s no moving around.


You forgot an important detail, heat shrink the whole male connector including cables as well, that should solve your problem :sunglasses:.


Before shrinking you could stiffen the area of the solder joints with small plastic sheets or some tape or an additional shrink tube to make it 100% bullet proof.

I never had problems with braking of solder joints on any soldered male JST-PH connector (due to shrink tube on connectors) but I have always another annoying problem: Even when I solder with 15W iron and very very short, the plastic sorrounding the pins melts a little bit, that leads to shifting pins after a while of use and they get useless. Next time I secure the pins and solder joints with sugru or silicone to get rid of my problem.



solder them with male-female connected, hotglue wires to connecter, finish with braided sleeve and shrink tube :+1:

avoid liquid tape if possible normally I don’t like hotglue but for e-skate it is your best friend…