ProtoBoards-UK/WORLDWIDE :Caliber II Trucks, £30 Motor Mounts, Wheels, Spark Switch, MayTech Motors, VESCs, Controllers, Pulleys, Belts, More to come!

Hi! I am excited to announce to you the opening of ProtoBoards ( ), an electric skateboard component seller based in the UK. We have a great selection of electric skateboard components which we are ready to sell and ship today! We are constantly having new products stocked and soon hope to sell everything needed to build a complete DIY electric longboard! We are now shipping to the majority of European Countries and will continue to add more upon request!

Products we sell: Genuine Caliber II Trucks in Purple, Blue, Red, White, Green, Gold, Black Caliber II Motor Mounts machined out of Aircraft Grade Aluminium and Carbon Fibre

Vedder Spark Switch Assembled / Kit On/Off Switch (10% off profits will be donated to Vedder) Vedder Spark Switch PCB On/Off switch (10% off profits will be donated to Vedder) MayTech 6355 and 6372 190KV motors Wireless Remote Controller (with receiver) 83, 90, 97 mm 78A Longboard Wheels VESC- Vedder Electronic Speed Controller (10% of profits from the VESC will be donated to Vedder) Assembled Version Coming Soon Blackened Steel Motor Pulley for 9/12mm 9mm/12 mm 3D Printed 100% Infill 36 Tooth HTD 5 Snap In FlyWheel Pulley - ABS LCD Battery Percentage / Voltage Display 9mm HTD 5 270Tooth Belt Products which will be sold in the near future:

  1.                       Assembled Spark Switch
  2.                       Vacuum Formed Enclosure (Standard and Custom Sizes will be available)
  3.                       Li-Ion Battery Packs
  4.                       Handmade Custom Decks

If you are interested in any of these products I would be very appreciative if you checked out my site. I would also greatly appreciate any feedback on what we can do to improve or any suggestions for products we will stock. Thanks for reading! www.Proto-Boards.Com Edits: Added 9mm 36tWheel Pulley Added 12mm 36t Wheel Pulley Added 9mm Belts Added 12mm Belts Added Spark Switch Board Added LCD Battery Voltage / Percentage Display Added 12/9mm Motor Pulley Thanks for the on-going support!


The first link you posted misses the “-” Why not sell to whole EU as long as it is still relatively simple :stuck_out_tongue: Nice looking mount :thumbsup: did you think about manufacturing it completely out of aluminum? Who manufactures your VESCs? :slight_smile:

Haha, thanks for pointing that out. I should be able to sell to the whole of the EU within about a week or two, I just need to sort out a few things with shipping services. The mount is made up 2 parts, the truck clamp (100% aircraft aluminium) and the part the motor mounts onto (100% Carbon Fibre Sheet). MayTech manufactures the VESC.

Thank you for the infos! Great to hear that there soon will be another European seller! Did you ever think about manufacturing the part the motor mounts onto out of aluminum? :slight_smile:

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Yeah, there is an apparent lack of DIY E-Skate vendors in the UK and the rest of Europe which is why I first decided to start selling parts. For the motor mount I did take some inspiration from Enertion when it comes to the motor mount and decided to go with carbon fibre from the beginning due to its superior strength and arguably better aesthetics.


Love the look of your mount, @ProtoBoards . Hope to see you shipping to Canada soon.


Thanks! Hopefully we will start shipping across the globe soon!


We are now shipping to most Eurpoean countries!

Great to hear! @ProtoBoards I am actually quite interested in your mounts, could you provide us with some measurements? How big is the carbon piece? What is the distance between the mounting holes? As you offer the 63 maytech motors I assume these will fit. So Turnigy Sk3 63 shouldn’t be a problem right? Do you have any pictures of the mounts in use?

The carbon piece has dimensions of 120mm * 51mm. The distance between the centres of the mounting holes is 31.11 mm. It does fit the 63mm Maytech motors so it will also the Turnigy SK3 63… Here are some pictures of the mount in a dual setup (one purple mount and one black mount).

(The truck area is slightly higher than the rest of the deck so clearance is slightly less than on a normal deck). The Carbon Fibre part of the mount can also be flipped around giving the part even more clearance. If you have any questions feel free to ask!


This is great. Would be even better if you could also do 12mm wheel pulleys. Looking forward to more items in the future :slight_smile:

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Thanks! The 12 mm wheel pulleys should be up by tomorrow.

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Sweet, might be down for one. How soon do you think you will start selling enclosures? I’m getting parts for a build and enclosure is the final thing I need that I haven’t found

For enclosures the reason I am currently not selling them is because I am still thinking about what sizes of enclosure I should use. If you have any suggestions that would be great! Once I know what sizes to use I should be able to get some made within a few days.

Ok cool, once I receive all my parts I’ll do a measurement and let you know what size and dimension I need. If it’s a good size you can maybe start selling them in general. Cheers

I like that mount. What is the center hole distance - so that i know what length of belt I need. Also do you have a build log or some review of the mount?How much is shipping to Germany?

really good startup! nice looking website with good looking photos and a good amount of good items. Welcome onboard :slight_smile:

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The distace between the centre of the hole which slides onto the truck and the hole where the motor axle slides through is 49mm-69mm. It works fine with HTD5 265 tooth belts. I should be making a build log soon. Shiping to Germany would be £5.50 for both mounts.

thanks - sounds perfect for my existing belt - might use your mount to add a second motor to my pneumatics build - this hobby is so addictive :thinking:


You should maybe think about a mounting hole for an idler pulley. Not sure if it could fit but would be nice to have at least the option