Prototype Build 1.5

Hey guys,

It’s spring break now, so I spent a bit of time working on my board. I got it up and running again after my last speed controller shorted out…

I went ahead and bought a VESC-X because I wanted the extra protection. It’s doing well so far. Total, I have about $300 into the board. $110-ish for one of the old hummie motors, $130 for the VESC-X, $40 for a cheap longboard from eBay (perfect for testing when you don’t want to ruin your nice board), $12 for battery sleds, $30 for a 6-bay cell charger, and a couple dollars for miscellaneous parts. Right now it goes about 15mph max. It has a range of a couple miles; I haven’t tested it properly. My battery is 9s2p (i know), and is made from scavenged cells (I got them for free, so I don’t really care how last they long…). Max draw is around 15 amps currently. I have a ton more cells to put on (I have at least 75 more cells), but I don’t have many more sleds. When I actually put these on, this board will have insane range (15 miles at least), and the max current will be much higher, but the board will also weigh quite a bit :sweat_smile:. I have a spot welder for the cells, and I will put together a decent battery ASAP. I was going to do this over spring break, but Enertion decided they would wait 7 years before they shipped the battery enclosure I bought from them… :angry:

Anyway, here’s some pics! This is what $300 and some free time in between classes at college gets you:

Once I get a decent battery built, I will actually be doing some testing for a really awesome design that I think you guys are going to love. I don’t want tell anyone what it is yet, but it’s gonna be awesome. Hopefully I can get a decent prototype over summer. Stay tuned.