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HI everyone, like most on this part of the forum, this is my first build. Mostly I’m looking to see if these parts will work but have some questions as well. Plus a couple of statements for good measures too! I did include links at the bottom and hope they will get formatted as well, else wise will be leaving for work shortly and will try to fix it later(so feel free to suggest fixes on how to fix since not use to posting on forums like these, might need help on that as well.:):sweat_smile:)…I did do some search as well but doesn’t seem like most people do builds from Amazon parts…

Here is the information that I think I have seen during my research that you guys need to help me with a build, but feel free to ask for anything else. Last time I weighed my self I was 210lbs(95kgs) and I’m sure to have put on some pounds since then, but doubt I weigh more then 250lbs(113kgs) now. Budget hopefully less then $1500(roughly my tax return), ideally less if I can help it. Main build points I’m hoping for is at least 10miles(16km) per charge. Speeds capable to 15miles per hours(24km/h). I’m from Wisconsin in USA and most of my plan is to get stuff off of Amazon due to having Amazon Prime but suppose I could get it somewhere else online if they are well known(ie: no issues of getting hacked all the time/good customer support/well documented products and etc.) I plan on doing a dual motor setup with belt drive. Most of the terrain I would be going on would be city sidewalks, which are flat or sight inclines. As I’m sure you can tell I have included links to some products that I believe should work. Feel free to post other links or ideas you think I should look into to help with this build. With the VESC would it be best to do it as one whole thing like the link I posted or two individual ones which I didn’t post? Since I got the Gullwing SideWinder 2 trucks wanted to see what most people have used as motor mounts. Most seem to show hacking away at the trucks but wonder if I could do the motor mount since I have a dremel. Also a bit torn on the batterys since don’t think I saw something on Amazon prebuilt, but did see some individual batteries(18560). Which led me to people building their own pack which I don’t mind trying if their is enough documentation but don’t have a welder and soldering skills kind of stink so don’t want to kill the batteries. Some of the research I did suggested total of 30 of them if I go that route. I really can’t tell what premade ones I should be looking at. Now the motors I listed are the 6374(which would put one in front and rear since trucks not long enough and thinking the 190kv) and 6354 which might be small enough but probably still will split them. The KV values seems very close so don’t think it would matter but feel free to chime in for what one I should take, but leaning on 190kv 6374. I also have seen some people who have created their own remote which is one link I posted but if you find it better to just buy, guess let me know? The enclosures I’m going to wait until I have all the parts and get creative. Now some more stuff about me. I do feel mechanically inclined and have some electric background. My main concerns are the battery types(or builds if I go that way), since I have no RC experience which includes remotes. So radio frequency/bluetooth/vesc probably will struggle the most with it. I’m mostly doing this build as a learning experience since also 3d printing a life size Iron Man suit which hope to add electronics to and doing this build will help with that. The board will help shuttle me to my work and maybe to school if I decide to take some enigneering’ish classes. I never really have ridden boards like this, so the build is mostly for learning but do plan on using it to shuttle myself to work and as a prototype for adding lights/sensors from adafruit and etc later once it is up and running. So key words are nimble to dodge around people, work horse meaning dependable(plus easy to find parts that might break) and comfortable for never really ridden one before. Feel free to mention if I’m missing something to make it work. Thank you for any tips/ tricks you might have and look forward to the responses.

---------------------------------The Links-----------------------------------------------------------------




**leaning towards 63749ov Motor=** or

**Pulley/Gear=** or **NoPulley=** (If I do my own motor mount figure should do this in case belt not long enough)



**Battery=** (Would prefer a premade one but need suggestions on type or trust worthy website)

**Remote=**Simple Electric longboard remote - Arduino controlled by SolidGeek - Thingiverse (Any tips what I should look for feature wise if I buy premade instead of make)

Check out the best electric skateboards on amazon

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It’s not a good to get stuff from Amazon for esk8 parts since most parts that are worth getting are sold here on the forum


Too lazy to read it all but my opinion: -Surfrodz & quick mounts from @psychotiller to handle the load or SR & gear drive from @moon -2x 6374 Maytech, also from Dave -2x proved and tested FocBoxes -Or complete drive train from @riverside.rider -custom @Hummie deck from @Sender -at least 40x 30q cells


Enclosures from @psychotiller or @Bigben

Avoid antisparks just use loopkey


Get someone else to make the battery pack. And go bigger than 30 cells.

10s4p at least from @psychotiller or @thisguyhere



Well like I also said in the post not use to forums like these. So if a person wanted to pay by credit card, do I just follow links to other sites or how does payment tend to work? If I do stick to my original build would parts at least work…cause at least I still do get learning experiences even if parts are subpar. I really do appreciate the heads up though…

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99% of the time you can use PayPal

There’s no need to be scared, just only buy things that are available


We always use paypal. Safer for everyone.

Really though. Don’t get shite amazon parts.

Go to Psychotillers site. Very trustworthy and awesome components


You have a very reasonable budget for a quality build.

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Not use to names(usernames really) do I send messages to them or websearch for them to see if I can find a web business for them…

@Sender Guess I will look into paypal, seems like lot of my friends as well use it when they buy stuff online but since I tend to do Amazon I just do credit card so don’t due paypal but guess it couldn’t hurt. I will also look into the “psycho store” Currently on phone so don’t remember full name you said but will look into afterwork. Thanks for the suggestions…

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@psychotiller :slight_smile:


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Yes, just send them PM on the forum

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Thank god for the new website


Thank you everyone for the suggestions/links. Guess I have some more research to do after work, now that my Amazon list got shot down😅. I have the board/wheels and truck upgrades all ready from Amazon and will look into paypal and pm some of the people listed for the other stuff. So while I do that keep the suggestions rolling. For people that have done orderings how long do shippings on average takes, since use to the fast shipping Amazon Prime gives? End goal is to have some ready around early April

Depends on how DIY you go.

My first build took like 6 months.

But it really depends on how backed up they are. This certainly is no amazon prime, but if you want a really quality build, amazon isn’t for you.



@hyperIon1 Battery maker

Soooo many good suppliers on here.

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Here is what I’m thinking as of now…

Still going to use my original board and wheels. My gullwings sidewinder2’s keep as a spare since finding a motor mount for them with out having to hack away seems impossible…

All parts found on PsychoTillers website…

  • Maytech 6374 190 kv(x2)

  • Battery 10s3p

  • Pulleys 16t for motor and 40tx12mm abec 11 drive pulley (x2 each)

  • 12mm 5mm 275 hd belt (x2)

  • Shuksan Arm enclosure

  • Surfrodz tkp trucks thick custom quick 66mounts with 80mm axles (2 individual ones)

So approx $1100 so far…

Unfortunately he is out of FocBoxes and still thinking on the reciever. Most of the vescs I have seen has been Flipsky/Maytech so unsure if one brand is better for my needs. Would 2 singles one be better then a duel all in one vesc?