PSA: Double check your FOCBOX motor lead bullet connections

I wanted to write a quick PSA about the focbox, this is NOT a dig/hit on Enertion.

I had some odd motor behavior right before I left for a ride this past weekend. Turns out that the bullet connector was NOT well soldered to the motor lead. This is the SECOND time I had this happen, to two different leads.

I think that it is worth it to give your leads a good tug and make sure that the shrink wrap isn’t the only thing holding the bullet connected to the lead. I’m very happy I wasn’t on the road when this happened.

IMG_20180707_133943 The focbox shipped with the bullet on the left and I replaced with the one on the right. Creates a much more solid connection.



yup, that was what mine looked like. Definitely cut open those heat shrink and check them


Same here. Replaced them with 5.5

At the cost of your warrantee :joy:

LOL that’s gotta be the world’s dumbest void of warranty ever!


I like to think Enertion is a little cooler than that.


im sure given the situation they would be understanding.

i was just poking fun at how they sell their focboxes with 4mm bullets and warranty is void if you solder on 5.5(so ive heard) …so you need to make adapters.

Oh oh, I gotcha. Yeah, I just soldered on a new 4mm bullet cause I made converters for exactly that warranty issue :confused: It is silly.

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I also got adapters for the bullet connectors and the Xt60 because I emailed them specifically to ask if it would void my warranty, and they said yes.

They’re actually 3.5mm i believe


@barajabali stated on multiple threads that replacing connectors will not void warranty. Am I crazy?

I asked them in chat and they said yes it would. I forgot their reasoning… who knows though, maybe I was given bad information

Ooooohhh for God sakes!! Forget about the dang warranty. We are half away around the planet and we still discussing about this warranty (that we all know) we will never get, not matter what… because the little thing will fail, or will need a bullet change, or if we open it, or do that, or a gremlin come and piss on it… Geeeeezzz!!

I will not hesitate to dump the thing on the garbage if it happened to fail. Sending the focbox to Australia? to Wombat-walkabout-Danzing Matilda-shark infested-Australia? really??? c’mon guys, get real. This is the sort of things that makes this little companies sooooooo important in the eyes of costumers, and makes the manufacturers believe people depend on them soooooooooo much. They will establish this stupid rules that almost always benefit them and will hurt the costumers. Don’t play their game guys.

My VESC6 bought from Flipksy, they solder the 5.5mm in the motor cable and then shrink, it’s strong enough. Oh, I mailed them to do so, they are very nice. if you want 4.0mm, they can also do it for you.