PSA for those who swap batteries out a lot

I dont know about yall but i swap batteries out a lot so i can travel and not have to wait for a charge up. So i have my battery encloser on a wingnut setup, undo the wing nuts, enclosure lifts off batteries come out.

Often i would find myself forgetting where i out my wing nuts and washers. I knew this can be done i just never thought of it till a bit ago. Use the magnets of the motor to hold onto the wing nuts for you…

TLDR: magnets in the motors are useful for holding onto metal things

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LOL when I lost the split pin clips on my RC car i would put a magnet under the front bumper and drive it all around the pit area of my local track, upon returning my car would have a wide selection of different pins to choose from. :sweat_smile:


That is like gold for me. The 1/8 buggy tracks are simply a gold mine.

Nice… I typically enjoy swapping packs as well. I tend to put any bolts or anything in my back pocket. My current setup uses velcro straps to hold the enclosure. I find it much quicker and easier but the appeal is not so much. A silicone strap would be nice.

I like to be able to swap batteries out anywhere anytime also. I’m using an electronic enclosure. One half is attached to the deck and the other half is held on with velcro buckle straps. Not too sure about how safe it is. I’m having to be careful about deep dips and speed bumps. Think about replacing the straps with screws and caring a screwdriver in my back pack.