Hi Guys there is some confusion as to the differences are between the 2B and 2E versions. I was confused too so I did a bit of digging to find out what the deal is and thought I would share the info to help people out.

At first I thought the 2E was an updated maybe better version but its not. Actually its a cost down version of the 2B. They removed the rechargeable lion battery and it uses AA’s. Secondly it uses a cheaper single sided through hole PCB. The transmitter is on a separate PCB. I also hear some reports that the fail safe takes 5 seconds to kick in rather than 1 second on the 2B.

So considering that the 2B is a much better choice for esk8 and making mod cases.

See some images of the 2E PCB boards here. Photo credit to @arfintr

[quote=“arfintr, post:1, topic:10213”] IMG_5898.JPG2448x3264 1.67 MB [/quote]

Another pic of the PCB here.