PSA: IMR Batteries has the 30T cells but it's $18 a cell and you can only buy 12

Why would I use my competitors app? I have my own app, which I released before metr.

This was my last build, which I deconstructed for my latest build, which now uses a 12s4p 30q. Not enough juice to even get close to 6000w now due to the sag of 18650’s. I stay mostly above 48v on lipos while 18650s sag to 4.6 off the bat. That, mixed with lower continuous rating ,kills my potential for high watt draws.

I will get another lipo board setup in the near future though to show you I can do it. Not on flat grounds, no. But I live in San Francisco, where you could be going up 15% grade hills for a mile or more at times.

The other issue is define continuous. Theres no universal definition. My view is anything that lasts for more than 5 seconds is continuous. Certainly 30 seconds - 2 minutes is continuous. And I’ve done that before.

Have you even tried a 4wd board? With large powerful motors, and a large powerful battery pack with high vesc settings?

sorry, i am not aware of every programmers app in this forum.

continuous power is continuous, all the time, meaning when you drive you constantly use 6 kilowatts of power. there is no “time”. i’d say everything beyond 10s is peak power - accelerating e.g.

please, i want to get these things clear, if you could provide me some informations about your power consumption i would be really happy. because no one really seems to know how much amps these boards draw, even not me. i am trying to gather as much infos as possible to find a good medium.

Everything depends on your setup. For me, I run 4x 4.12 vescs with a 12s4p li-ion with a 80 bettery amp limit.

The issue I have with your definition of continuous is that at times, you will pull 0 amps or very low amps and at times much higher. When looking at battery ratings, the manufacturer gives a burst rating. They don’t give any definition of what this means, so many people have different definitions. In my opinion, anything more than a few seconds is not burst and is continuous. On long steep hills, With my old board, I would pull 1500 watts per motor on the entire hill. That could be 30 seconds to 3 minutes. At that point, I would argue that is continuous. Because it’s not just for a few seconds. It’s a sustained current. On the new board I listed above, it only pulling a bit over 1000 watts per motor.