PSA: IMR Batteries has the 30T cells but it's $18 a cell and you can only buy 12

Best to wait a 6 to 9 months if you want that price to come down.

$18 a cell LMFAO!!!

£11.99 here. Probably can go lower with bulk

Price is still bad though

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why should i use them? if they’d have 4 Ah yes, but these are the exact same specs than 30Q beside 35A discharge, i i use 4P 30Q i have approx 80A continuous discharge, thats way enough!

They would be great in a 2p light config


Yes, these cells would be great for a short-range light and small board in very low 1P or 2P depths


Yes, for 2wd, it is. But for 4wd and off road builds, it’s not. Which is why it’s a game changer for us. But $18 is too much, I won’t touch them at that price range right now. When the price gets to $12, I’ll buy 48 and make my 12s4p 160 amp discharge pack. Till then, zippy lipos are the only cells that can pack the punch. I get way less performance from my 30q at 80 amp then I did running zippys at 120a.

When the price gets to $12,

More like $8 to $10 for the 40T.

Samsung 21700 40T are live at $20.00 each, max 6

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The 40T seems like a good option for a longer range and higher powered board. But these prices have to drop… It’s just too high to be practical.

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well let me get this straight, if i am going for a 4WD build, i would never get a battery under 3P or even 2P like @b264 said.

If i am going for an offroad or 4WD build, normally the pack is 4P and more, which means with 30Q approx. 80A, with VTC6 (Still much cheaper then 30T) 120A.

So, no need for these batterys in my eyes.

PS: Why tf would you want 160A continuous discharge, thats whoppin 7kW continuous power with 12S not even fully charged. dude what are you riding? even with a 4WD offroad built you will never, never, never, never, never, never, never, EVER exceed these limits continuously. NEVER.

when you draw 100A continuously for over 1 Minute, dude i will lick your balls i swear!

Buy VTC6, that will do the trick.


18 bucks a cell? might as well buy a titan power brick


what does 30T stands for? Because 3000 mAh is pretty bad for 21700.

high discharge current = low capaticity

high capaticity = low discharge current

Might as well go for the 20650s that are up on IMR yeesh.

Sanyo will be 8$ for orders over 400 cells


4wd of hummie hubs. Before, I was pulling about 1500w continuous per motor with a 120 amp limit, for 6000w con. These motors are capable of more. Not getting close to that with li-ion at 80a though, due their large sag. My only competition in Cali was Derek, since not many people got into this early enough to want this kind of power yet. Give it a year more, and lot of people will want to upgrade to higher power as it becomes more normal feeling at lower power.

In for the show.


1500W continuous per motor? so you would say 4*1500W CONTINUOUSLY?

Never ever, maybe uphill or accelerating, but not on normal street riding.

I believe you if you got me some telemetry datas… you got metr?