PSA: Ruroc Shockwave 2.0 Sizing Issue

If you were thinking of getting new Shockwave 2.0 to rock with your DX-RG1 helmet, don’t, at least not for this season.

Their whole batch of the new Shockwave 2.0 was screwed by the manufacturer using old version of tooling and the result is the system with sizing issues. Speakers are putting too much pressure on the ears. If your helmet is too large to begin with you might not even notice the issue at first but it will become more apparent after few hours. If the helmet is snug fit, the speakers will make your head explode after few minutes (don’t even need to listen to any music) :slight_smile:

Good thing is that they have identified and acknowledged the issue but it won’t be solved until the next batch planned only for September. Oh well. Just letting everyone know.



Have you heard anything about the new one? I know they JUST came out, but perhaps you have been in conatact with them?

I just got a Sept version helmet, but I am not so sure if the shockwave is the right way to go here!