Psychos Frankenboard | 6s2p | Torque VESC | Single Tacon 245kv | Paris Trucks | Psychotiller Mount | Psychotiller Enclosure

First, this build was only possible because of @psychotiller and @chaka so huge thanks to both of them. This baby has gone through a lot of changes. It was formerly known as the “Red Rover” but it’s no longer red :joy: Anyways, everything is on a DIY deck that will be getting replaced relatively soon. I’ve got the Torqueboards 6s2p pack and I have to say, I don’t really like it, It sags a ton (almost 40%) when going up long hills, it is great and well made, just not what I needed. I’ve got Paris clones for trucks with the @psychotiller mount on them that he donated. On that mount is the Tacon 245kv 6364 motor donates by @chaka. All that is sitting on top of some monster 1 inch cable risers that were made by me with a block of wood and a router. Anyways, here are some pics:


Very DIY :wink:

Lol you should’ve seen the first version @scepterr. Superglued motor mount…

UPDATE: 15mm belt is AMAZING! (Thanks to @JLabs for the fastest shipping ive ever seen) @psychotiller, it it’s possible :wink: