Psychotiller Build for Sale

Hey! I am selling one of my electric skateboards built from psychotiller. I am currently looking for around 1400 but I’m open to offers. Located in California. Specs: 12S6P 40T cells 6x3 psychotiller wheels Unity FOCBOX VESC Psychotiller chamber trucks Hoyt St. Remote

Comes with charger, 4 front shred lights, 2 rear shred lights.

Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions. Thanks!


Man that is a sick fucking board. Amazing price for that. Highly tempting. GLWS.


I make psychotillers decks now since his passing. Lemme know if you need a deck.

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I’m definitely interested! This is a beautiful machine! I’m Currently in Europe for work but will be back stateside towards the end of September. If we can make arrangements to safely get it to miami, I’m in. Lmk!

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No shit, no more decks, roofs etc?

What? Dave passed away and he left me with the presses.

I know this is an older post but seeing as it has not been identified as being sold I’ll assume that it remains available?

What’s your bottom dollar for it with shipping to 55337 in Minnesota? I’ve been wanting to get into esk8ing since before it was a thing.

Am interested✋

Sorry the board has been sold!

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