Psychotiller Evo 39" enclosure SOLD

Hey guys, I have a brand new Psychotiller evo enclosure up for sale. I was going to do an evo build and bought this in preparation for that but I ended up building my own deck from scratch instead.

The enclosure is in new condition and has the advantage of being able to ship immediately. When I originally ordered mine from the site it took a week to actually ship and then ~5 biz days to arrive; I’m guessing this might be because they are made to order. Anyway, this one is obviously manufactured and good to go.

Original price was 75 shipped (65 + 10 shipping); I’m looking for 55 shipped CONUS. Send me a message if you’re interested. Located in Dallas, TX (local pickup for 45)


20190121_120340 20190121_120335


Quick bump! Good opportunity to get the best enclosure at a low price for one of the most popular decks for e-diy builds out there!

@Sender you know…for the thing. You know right? :joy::joy:



I know you said something about an enclosure… maybe this one is cheaper for you?

Still available op? Interested if so. Lmk ASAP and dm me. Thanks in advance

And thanks @anon64938381

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no problemo chief :wink:

you should DM him to get the jump if he doesnt see your message first

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I actually already did right after I replied to your message here. Lol. Thanks and Keep you posted once I hear from him. But I’m leanin towards swoopin your deck up though just so you know.

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PM sent, Sn4pz thanks for the assists on this lol.


Sold, thanks everyone!

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@mmaner 10char

No problemo

Ugh the gif was supposed to be a layup gif but my phone is tweakin

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