Psychotiller Mount Drive Belt

Hey, guys, I bought a Phsychotiller Mount and installed it. Then I came to realize that my drive belt doesn’t work anymore. Can someone suggest a drive belt that would work for me? Thanks

Current drive belt:

Current Motor Gear:

Current Wheel Gear:

This is on my site for a reason…Lately though I’m seeing that nobody uses it. WHY?

Believe you’d need a 265

That’s the same one I use. You really can’t mess that up once you put in your settings.

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Thanks so much I appreciate it.

I would just suggest that you learn how to wrench, and not expect everything to be done for you all the time… oh! And at least learn how to friggen read too!

The info was there, you just couldn’t figure it out.

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There’s your problem,Too dumb to be able to order the right size belt, which I never said worked with 13/36.

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If you had a valid reason for a refund and didn’t choose to take this path that would be an option. Wanting all mounts to fit one belt though?

I’m out!

Intelligence test? You already failed a long time ago

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Lol…looking at other threads it seems you have issues with other parts and spacing too.

What makes you think 255 is the smallest common belt size?

Tell you what, send me all of your parts and I’ll put it together for you properly. You will only need to pay for shipping. And any costs related to buying correct parts/fixing your mistakes.

@ekitesurfer please calm down. Speaking that way will get you banned once again.

I use a 265 with my mount from Psychotiller on 13T/36T, fits perfect.

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Here’s a single 6374 on 180 rkp trucks using a 16/36 pulley combo. 255 belt fits perfectly! And everything is tight.

Oh yeah. .good job.

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A disabled person with no arms could have done a better job on that mount :joy:

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Delete this old post please