Pulley Ratio Setup

Hi All, I’m currently working on rebuilding and fine-tuning my new board set up I have made. I bought two 6384 Massive Stator Motors because they were on clearance and I’m currently using those untilI am able to upgrade to some better motors. They’re rated for 170kV and 75A and are incredibly powerful in the torque realm of things. They don’t have a very high top speed understandably but I would like to get a bit more range out of them when it comes to speed. I have 15T Motor pulleys and 32 T Street pulleys that I can swap for 66T all-terrain pulleys. I’m currently getting around 30–35 mph top speed, but with the incredible amount of torque these motors produce, I would be able to use a much larger motor pulley and not lose much torque because they already produce more torque than I know what to do with. I would like to reach about 45 mph because I use the board to commute, but I’m not sure what my best option would be for gearing. I have two vescs each capable of putting out 100A and 160A respectively and a 12s4p battery. At 35 miles an hour my motors are reaching maximum rpm and I can’t get much more out of them. I never ride it at 35mph because I don’t want to ruin my motors by running them at peak rpm, so I would like to pick a different gear ratio as an alternative. Any suggestions? My Setup is a MakerX Go-FOC D60 (Dual 160A) that I can swap with my Go-FOC DV6 (Dual 100A), Massive Stator 6384 5000w 170kV 75A motors, and a Panasonic 12s4p. The only limiting factor to my set up is my motors as the rest of my set up is more than capable of handling much more powerful motors. Thanks!!

I’ve said this to another person but this can also work for you. Lower your wheel pulley and increase your motor pulley and you will see more speed. Your motors has enough torque for you to still go up hills (if you have any) and you will be going scary fast (make sure to practice and slowly get used to extreme speeds).

If you’re using AT wheels, make sure your teeth are around 50-60. And your motor pulley can be like 16t or 18t. Always experiment with your ratios and make sure the pulleys fit and don’t hit each other as you increase the size of it.

You can max out your motors (at least to 80A), just make sure it doesn’t out do your erpm limit (rare on vesc 6). I believe its 150k for this version of esc. You can also set motor temperature limit, but I’d advise against that since it will only start limiting your speed.