Pulleys and belts and $

after under-building with some too lightweight Gt2 2mm pulleys and belts, I’m ready to get a HTD 5M setup like everybody else. I found some Aluminum 12T pulleys for $3 (robotdigg), but everything I’m seeing for the larger pulley is very expensive. Like $18 per pulley is about the cheapest I’ve found in aluminum (eBay) and $14 in plastic (sdpsi).

Questions: Where is a good (inexpensive) place to buy pulleys and belts? Further, what about 3d printing the large pulley with PLA or ABS? Especially with the larger pulley that is under 4 times less stress than the smaller one-- will it hold up? I’m building 2 DM boards concurrently, so that’s X4 on all these parts. I know good parts cost good money, but these drive component sellers are exorbitant to us piece-meal part buyers. They have to be making at least 20 times markup by the time they charge min order fees and shipping.

Thanks! And, much respect to the e-board specific parts sellers. I understand what a niche market you’re in and the time involved in selling to such a small demographic. If I wasn’t 280lbs and live on a hill, I might consider getting the bolt on 44T gear at diyesb for $35+shipping.

I’ve found the enertion motor pulleys to be the best so far, and pretty reasonably priced individually. I also got some from beltingonline.com and they were pretty $ once you factor in the modifications (8mm w/ keyway and grub screws), plus expensive shipping.

I would look at the aluminum wheel pulleys as an option on ebay. Aluminum being pretty easy to drill and work with, but i personally would pay the premium for a good motor pulley w/ keyway. Realize we are talking about some pretty significant torque and horsepower these motors are putting out, and i think they keyway needs to be used. If i had the skills/tools to add the keyway to the motor pulleys myself i might.

As for a printed wheel hub - i’m using one on my GF’s board now. It’s pretty decent but was $ in Nylon to be higher strength. I believe it was $25’ish iirc. Not counting the hardware (screws/bolts) i found at the local hardware store to secure it to the wheel.

Here’s the Voodoojar 36t Abec wheel hub on thingverse.. If you print it with the wrong material it’s not going to last. I printed mine on shapeways which can be $, but they had a high strength Nylon which so far is holding up well for my GF (slow starts, slow stops - she doesn’t really go fast). I’ve heard folks have luck w/ a good printed hub and several hundred miles. Others not so much…


Forgot belts - The best quality feel belt i’ve tried was actually from enertion. Not sure who actually makes them but they feel more subsantial/sturdy. However not the cheapest, so i did some more looking. I have at least two (usually 4) of 260, 265, 270, 275, 280 belts to adjust gearing and tune multiple boards.

The absolute fastest shipping and cheapest belts i’ve found happens to be stateside (East coast Jersey iirc). Super fast and about $5-7 a belt. polybelt.com - if you aren’t in the US, i’m guessing it might not be quite as awesome…


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thanks for your thoughtful, well explained response! Thanks for the reco on polybelt! I agree that the small pulley should be aluminum or better, and keyed would be great. I’ll do 2 or 3 flattened spots on the motor shaft with sets screws for this go as my motor shaft isn’t keyed. For the larger pulley, I’m just not sure… with the the distributed mounting load and 4+ times as many teeth in contact, I just don’t know if a plastic pulley would break. I found a 3d printing plastic that claims 8000 psi tensile (http://taulman3d.com/news.html). I’m speaking from zero personal experience, but if aluminum can hold on to a 8mm shaft and 6-8 teeth drive a 2000 watt motor, I would think 25 plastic teeth might hold. hmmm.

Hi Joren,

I do have the 44T available if you still need them. $35 comes with the retainer + bolts which is a pretty good deal. Motor Pulley is not included however.

Thanks! I think I’m shooting for 50T for my first try. I’m 280lbs and live on a hill. I’d rather have the torque than the speed. I look forward to shopping with you soon, though. Looking forward to how your VESCs turn out. I’ve got a ton of 5s batts I’m thinking of running 2S and making a E mountain board with 6-8" wheels.

I ordered some 10,000 psi 3d printer filament to test and the polycarbonate 50T pulleys from sdpsi. I’ll be sure and report back, especially if it was a mistake.

Oh, and FWIW, I found a place that sells aluminum and steel pulley stock relatively cheap. 8 inches of 50T was $125 shipped. That would bring individual 9mm wide pulleys to under $10, depending on the kerf of your saw.

50t 5mm htd pulley for your wheel is not a good idea.

The diameter with the belt on will be over 80mm.

What is the diameter wheel you will use? Please don’t say 83mm :wink:

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Can someone explain to me what a keyway is and write it in the glossary?

It is a slot cut in the pulley’s inner hole, and a slot machined into the motor shaft. An identically sized, single piece of steel slides into both of those slots, matching then up to where they can’t turn independently if one another.

it is already in the glossary! you really should learn how to use the search button… its that thing top right of the screen :slight_smile: … this forum has really advanced search and will find all instances of your search query.

Whoops! I overlooked it. My apologizes.

Polybelt was a life saver! My 265 was too short and I needed a few sizes to test out

VBeltSupply.com is another supplier which I recommend.

Royal supply for gates belts is legit. You can never have too many belts at 5-6$ a pop.