Pulleys for ABEC11 Flywheels and Kegel Orangatang

These look great! @Idea you have a PM :slight_smile:

Any chance you could offer a bearing solution like Evolve and Enertion?

But it probably requires special truck with long axes??

It just takes modification of the hanger. You can remove material from Caliber trucks, etc to get more axle width.

  1. Would this wheel pulley work on a CRonin truck?
  2. Do you have motor pulleys or just wheel pulleys?
  3. What carrier would you use to ship to Lima Perú?
  4. Would you sell the belts as well?
  5. 2 wheel pulleys and retainers $ 24 + $ 7 or $14 for shipping?

If you don’t make the motor pulleys, would you please tell me where could I get 15mm motor pulleys with keyway from?

ad1. You mean These trucks Cast Ronin? I do not know the dimensions of Ronin Trucks. The internal bore of the pulley for ABEC11 Flywheels is 26mm The internal bore of the pulley for Kegel Orangatang is 25mm. You need to measure your truck, you will know whether pulley fits or not. ad2. I also offer pulleys for motors, but only 15t on the width of the belt 9 and 15mm. Unfortunately currently I have in stock only width 9 mm ad3. Shipping price for Lima Perú $7 ad4. I also offer belts: available length for HTD5M: 265mm, 270mm, 280mm ad5. Price 2 pcs pulleys and shipping to Peru $24 + $7. Total $31

Please send me:

4 Wheels pulley sets with bolts and retainers in ABS+: 4 orange retainers, 2 black wheel pulleys 40t and 2 black wheel pulleys 36t, 4 12mm belts 280mm

Let me know the total and the paypal address where I should send the money to.

@whitepony would you please give us the dimensions of the CRonins?

@Idea yes those are the trucks I’ll use with your pulleys.

@Eboosted The answer to PM

Do you have to add a bearing? Do these last long?

No bearing is needed for this wheel pulley

Very fast shipping @idea, got my parts today.

Thanks a lot!

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Hey @Idea I ve seen this and im interested can you do 12mm htd5 pulleys in 44t and 42t for me? Do you have 15t motor pulleys with keyway in 12mm ?

I would like to have: 4x 44t 12mm htd5 flywheel pulleys black incl. Retainer and bolts 2x 42t 12mm htd5 flywheelpulleys black incl. Retainer and bolts

Shipping to germany Maybe you can offer me a good price for this ammount? :wink: Greetings from germany

Hi I am interested in buying some pulleys 2 for Abec and 2 for Kegel

@Reamondrum2 I can do for you size pulleys 40T, 44T and 48T

Details on priv :slight_smile:

@Robroy What should be the width of the pulley? How many teeth?

I would like one each for the Kegel 15mm wide

New pulleys 44T for ABEC11 Flywheels. Soon available will also 48T

In the picture at the bottom 36t, 40t and 44T


I’m interested in a 36T flywheel pulley 15mm. Whats the delivery time? Do you have any motor pulleys?

Mines arrived and looks great… thanks will post more when I have tested

you should really get some steel motor pulleys :slight_smile: I need 4 pulley sets, so I would love to throw money at you!

If not possible with motor pulleys, I need 4 wheel pulleys 36t 12mm for Flywheel clones with screws sent to Germany.

Whats the difference between ABS and ABS+ with these?