Pulleys for ABEC11 Flywheels and Kegel Orangatang

I offer pulleys for ABEC11 Flywheels and Kegel Orangatang. The wheels are made of ABS or ABS+. I can do the pulleys in the sizes

  • Wheel pulley 36t HTD5M, belt 9-15mm (width according to needs)
  • Wheel pulley 40t HTD5M, belt 9-15mm (width according to needs)

Prices: Wheel pulley - Price $12 (1 pieces) Bolts (stainless steel) $2 (set)

The cost of shipping: Europe - $5 North America, $6 South America, Central Asia - $7 Australia and Oceania - $10

Payment by PayPal


Nice to see somebody sell these!

How are the bolts held in place? Is there a nut or do you just screw them into the ABS?

What colors are possible and how long would you need to ship 2 sets to Germany? :smiley:

great this is ABSgasm !

The bolts are screwed into plastic, you do not need nut Available colors of ABS + Black and orange

Available colors of ABS Yellow and red

Lead time: 7 days + delivery time. Total of about two weeks


These look pretty nice. I hope one day you share your stls online though I think your pricing is cheaper than shapeways so you have an advantage over people getting these with them.

Obligatory plug for those that have access to a 3D printer, I’ve shared a literal shit ton of STLs for these wheels and more on thingiverse. If you don’t though, I think these are a steal.


Should your 40t pulleys work with these wheels?


Any chance you’ll be doing higher tooth count pulleys? ie. 44t?

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Do you sell wheels too? Like abecs?

Where you located

@JuniorPotato93 Thanks. Performs pulleys only with their own projects. I respect other people’s work and I do not use stl from Thingiverse. Perhaps someday I will share the stl files, if and when, I do not know?

Can do higher diameter 44t, 48t, 50t, but I do not know if the bolt holes in the MBS are the same as in the ABEC 11 Flywheels.

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I don’t remember what I made them too off the top of my head but I have some things I want to model and release this winter break so I’ll update those too. I have a 48 and 50 I didnt make for these but can

They are the same, the profile of the slope is different so that’s why I made the separate series. I have some pulleys I need to make and once I make those I’ll go over all the series and use the feedback I’ve been given and update all files.

Pulley 36t for Kegel Orangatang and Truck Caliber II

how are these holding up, because you screw them into the plastic? I bent some aluminium ones with 3 screws so far with my single 15mm drivetrain :wink:

I assume this one doesn’t need cutting of the truck itself?

I never use nuts and never had problems. My pulleys sent to about 50 people, none of the people does not complain.

Of course, the screws must be screwed with sensitively


There is no need to cut truck. https://youtu.be/mNxN90r7cxo


yeah, if you make enough clearance on the inside, no need to cut the truck hanger.

This is on a 32T 15mm pulley for Kegel 80mm

http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2016/52/1482776025-capture-d-ecran-2016-12-26-a-19-11-22.png http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2016/52/1482776026-capture-d-ecran-2016-12-26-a-19-11-40.png


Hello Great job Please, I will be interested by a 40t pulley (orange) for an Abec Wheel 97 mm with all the parts. Do you print extra 3D parts like BadWolf for the remote ? Philippe (FR/Paris)

I’d like a full set with bolts 36t flywheel what would ETA be for Ohio in the usa

@Philippe Prints only 3D designs I created alone, so I can do for you just Pulley 40t for ABEC11