Pulse Echo first-ever customer SPEED TEST

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This was not full throttle, as i wasnt quite enough used to the board to push the throttle all the way. More to come!

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I wonder how fast it could go if i put on @onloop ‘s R2 hubs and configured the VESCs for them…

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Ooh, and leave a like and SUB, so i can continue with the raw content!

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next time point your camera towards the front of the road so we can have a broader perspective


What are the specs for your esk8

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IRL Specs:

I weigh 150 lbs, and achiever a top speed of 27mph on flat ground, and a range of 18 miles. uses dual VESCs with 800w hubs. Theyre soon offering belt drive option and higher-end hubs. 25r 10s2p battery

I will be including a standstill->full throttle acceleration and speed test in the future!


Cool. I think you meant 18miles* What does the 25r mean? I made mine own esk8 too but I was too pussy to ride full throttle. My friends got a max speed of 31mph who weighs 140 lbs and my most efficient run was 20miles on 12s 5ah(around 14~mph) How is it that I use one 3kw motor yet you achieved a speed just lower than mine with just 1.6kw?

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No idea…

Watts do not determine speed they determine power. Speed is determined by the motors kV, battery voltage, wheel size and gear ratio