Punderstorm / 10s2p / single vesc 4.2 driven 230kv APS motor / 17,7" wheelymachine


Want to share my current build made on a Deck from Amazon, APS motor, enertion 4.2 vesc, wheels, battery, cover and drivetrain from eskating.eu, this belt cover

and that plug housing

The axels are also what i found laying around. Its very fun and nimble thanks to the kicker. With the currend power setting of 30amps battery power and due to the short wheelbase it always wants to throw me off the back pulling power wheelies whem i am not careful on the thottle and forget to lean forward :sunglasses:






Top Speed is ~35kph Range is about 12km per charge


Looks fun to ride. What’s the range?

Hey! I think I get around 12km on one charge. Haven’t tried to empty the battery.

I might also dial down the power a lttle bit when the metr module i oredered has arrived.

That looks like a little demon. Fun af.

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nice ride man!

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