Pushing wood for greater range

Just wondering does anyone push their eskate while under power? If so do you see a boost in range? I know I can push my normal deck up to at least 16mph. How about uphill, anyone try pushing while under power to get up a steep hill?

this is totally unscientific but mine hit the cutoff start, so i pushed it for about 1/4 mile, then it seems to go above cutoff because i was able to throttle full speed for a little bit.

Yeh, I was doing this when one of my belts got bad :smiley: It is doable but I think you need to be able to hold a pretty constant speed… sort of like: cruise control with speed addition only when pushed to a higher speed…

In my firmware mod there is a mode which only holds the speed and doesn’t allow acceleration. When I use the Board like this on my normal routes then the Wh consumption is much less (roughly half). Of course the reachable speeds are also much less because you only can reach the speeds that you are able to push. But from time to time this is also enjoyable because it lets you remember what kind of power is needed for your speeds and what a amazing job these tiny Motors do. And it is like a hybrid between normal and electro skateboarding.


I’ll have to check out your firmware.

Wich mode is it?

I think if you go over his thread ‘Ackmaniacks firmware’ you might just find it…

Though you can also wait till he responds personally and maybe gives you a direct link to the right post / functions / mode.

It’s this mode. But it only makes sense if you use the app to quickly change modes. And if you test it on the bench it won’t work because you can’t accelerate.

For PID mode to work I still need a remote right? Would be awesome to somehow get this to work without the need for one - maybe some pressure pad or something

Many things are possible. But at the moment it only works for ppm. So easiest would be to use a arduino for that which is connected to a push button and then sends a ppm signal to the VESC. Via the ADC pin of the VESC it also would be possible to add a button directly. But then a new App config needs to be created at the VESC.