Putting together a LiPo battery - advice please :)

Hi all,

As a newbie I’m looking at electrifying my Icarus with a single 6374 motor and aiming to be able to hit 15-20 mph and go somewhere between 5-10 miles using as simple a setup as possible (baby number 2 imminent - any grand plans will have to wait!). What kind of rating do I need from a lipo battery setup to achieve what I want and does it matter how I put it together.

So is there any difference in performance in getting one big pack, or multiple small packs and using a BMS to charge? Multiple small packs would be great to enable a better enclosure for the flexi deck…

Hoping for some replies to help make up my mind :slight_smile: !

Very best, Sibbo

If your goal is to hit 20mph and 10 miles a 6s setup will be enough. Although a 10s setup will be more efficient and you can use the vesc if you want. (Not saying that you can’t use the vesc at 6s). To reach 10 miles you will roughly need 160 wh. This will only require something like a 10s 5Ah lipo battery (two 5s 5Ah connected in series).

Thanks for the prompt reply - really helpful :slight_smile:

… and the question i forgot… would you say I should prioritise the voltage, discharge or capacity? Hoping to put together a small, lightweight battery solution.

I have a few lipo builds, my favorite for cruising and longevity is a a couple of 6s 8000mah 30c lipos. They are cheap, hits 17mph easily (heavy board too) and I get 15 miles’ish.

Thanks mmaner - good advice :slight_smile:

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Anyone using the Turnigy Graphene Batteries? What should I expect from 2 or 3 of these in series?

? Thanks in advance!

They are good batteries. But you should still look for at least 5000mah. Three in series would give you 9s which is doable. Quite a few people use 10s

Been doing some calculations and should get 11 miles out of 2 of these in series… maybe that’s overkill…

Happy to pay for value for money and simplicity if these are worth it! The consideration is the flexy Icarus deck and having two packs will work well with the flex and torsion…

So with 2 of these in series I would be getting a 390A discharge, 29.6 volts and therefore 177.6Wh, roughly 17km…

Those seem like pretty big number from the other builds that I’ve been researching - is this likely to require uprated ESC/VESC etc? Thanks again!

You will never pull 390A regular vesc is enaugh

On the 2 6s builds I did I only get 6 miles with 2 3s 5000 and with 2 3s Graphene I got 7 miles but with the Graphene it was a lot more fun…now I have a 10s lipo 2 s 5000 x5 over 10 miles with a sk3 192 kv hitting 28 to 32 mph …I’m 13 St…83kg

That’s cool bro, good to hear the graphene is more fun - is it just more reactive/punchy?

It sure is, if you have the extra cash go with 10s its a good all rounder… on my new setup i didnt have the cash to do graphene i went with 5 x Turnigy 5000mAh 2S 7.4V 60C… they are great fun as well and cheaper

Looks great - cool build man :slight_smile: